Straight Talk Wireless Problems

Here are some Straight Talk Wireless Problems

  • No Streaming Video even with Unlimited Data
  • Customer Service is through Tracfone
  • Customer Service is Poor compared to Contract Plans
  • No Retail location to get Customer Service
  • Tethering your computer is not allowed even with the Unlimited Data plan
  • No Droid available yet
  • No Iphone available
  • No Android Smartphones available--Androids are Now Available at Straight
  • No Microsoft Software Smartphones
  • You can only use Straight Talk Phones, you cannot use a phone you already own

Straight Talk Wireless FAQs
For any Straight Talk FAQs you may click on the articles listed down the left  side of this page. 
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Curing Straight Talk Wireless Problems

With some troubles you are going to have to call Straight Talk Prepaid customer service. Most the Straight Talk Prepaid phones use the Verizon wireless Network consequently any time there is a issue it will refer to Verizon Wireless. But Veirzon Customer Service will be unable to help out with your Straight Talk Wireless smart phone dysfunction. Straight Talk Customer Support number is 1-800-403-2355.

I would recommend that you be patient with their support services. Contact customer support if you have lots of time, it might take half an hour or longer for the customer service rep to handle the issue. I've had phone issues that needed more than one call to solve.

Have your cell phone number, and also the Serial number of the handset written down to give to the support services agent.

The serial number of your Straight Talk Wireless mobile phone will be located within the menu of your phone or underneath the battery pack in the back of the phone.

Straight Talk Advantages

  •  You do not have to have a Credit Check Required
  •   There is no Activation Fee
  • No Roaming charges
  • No Contract to Sign
  • Nationwide Coverage on the Verizon Network
  •  No Early Cancellation Fees
  • No Reactivation  charges if you let your subscription lapse
  • No credit reporting
  • More Phones being release regularly
  • Touch Screen Smart Phones are now available
  • Wifi phones now available so you can Search the web without cell coverage

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