Straight Talk Wireless Refill

What happens when I refill my Tracfone Straight Talk Wireless account?

Every refill resets your account balance to the amount you have purchased: when you refill your account with $45, you will receive unlimited talk, text and/or multimedia messages, and data during a 30-day service period on enable phones....Starting the day you install the card.  Your Current Balance will be deleted.

When you refill your account with $30, you will receive 1000 minutes/1000 messages, plus 30MB of data during a 30-day service period on your phone.  

If you have seven days left and you add an Unlimited Straight Talk Refill card you will end up with 30 days, not seven plus 30.  That is why it is best to use the new Straight Talk Reserve plans.

There is no carryover of unused services.

Consider Straight Talk Wireless for $45 a month

The New Straight Talk Reserve Option

When you purchase your card from the website you will have the option of adding your card to your "Reserve." If the card is added to your Reserve then on the expiration date Straight Talk will add your card to your account. This is an extremely easy way to keep your account active.

Reconditioned Straight Talk Wireless Phones

The only place to get refurbished Straight Talk phones is at Straight  I have had several refurbished phones from Straight Talk's sister company Net10.  I have only had a problem with one of them and Net 10 sent me a new replacement.

Usually you can save between twenty and forty per cent on yourStraight Talk Wireless phone purchase by buying a refurbished phone.

Motorola Razr V3 and Samsung R451c

The New Straight Talk Samsung R451C Review from Walmart, Verizon and Tracfone is a Hit. Finally a prepaid phone that does not look like a 1o year old brick.

The Net10 Prepaid Unlimited Plan. The latest entry into the Monthly Unlimited plan. The Net10 plan has several options between the regular PAYG minutes, 750 minutes a month, and Unlimited minutes, text and data.

Tracfone Prepaid VS Verizon Prepaid