Straight Talk Customer Service

I have used a Straight Talk phone for the last year and I have helped a few friends set up their Straight Talk Service. 
If you can avoid using Customer Service, that is what I recommend.  I tried for over a month and made at least ten phone calls to get a number ported to Straight Talk without success. 
The customer Service agents are usually from either India or the Philippenes.  They have to read the script from the computer and say everything.  The connection on all of the calls was horrible with talk in the background.  Most of the calls took 30 minutes or more and still did not get anything accomplished.
If you think you will need a lot of customer service with your phone do not get Straight Talk.
I use the $30 per month 1000 minute service and have been happy with it.  Especially for the price.
Check out the Free phones and the different Android phones at Straight .