Porting a Number to Straight Talk

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What information will I need to give Tracfone Straight Talk in order to port my number?

You need to provide the following information:
* The phone number to be transferred.
* The account number or service PIN from your current phone service provider.
* The last 4 digits of your SSN.
* Create a Straight talk Account.
* Accept the Terms and Conditions of Service.
* A Service card or plan at the time of Activation.

What is Local Number Portability or LNP?

With LNP, it is possible to maintain the same cell phone number when changing to another cellular carriers or between wireless and land line companies. You will only be able to transfer your telephone number to another service provider in your local market.

The Federal Communications Commission has issued rules mandating that carriers must implement LNP starting November 24, 2003, in the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA).

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Reconditioned Straight Talk Pay as you go Phones

The only place to get refurbished Straight Talk phones is the website, Straight Talk.com
. Usually you can save between twenty and forty per cent on your phone purchase by buying a refurbished phone. Can I use my Straight Talk phone in Canada or Mexico? No, just barely over the border you might still be able to get service from the Verizon Towers near the border but further into Canada or Mexico you won't be able to use your phone.

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