All New Straight Talk Phones

Straight Talk has been extremely successful.  In their first two years they have sold hundreds of thousands of phones.  They have come out with a lot of new phones. 
Initially Straight Talk Wireless only offered CDMA phones that worked on the Verizon network.  Now they have expanded and offer GSM phones that work on the AT&T and the T-Moble networks.
MP3 Players.
Many of the new phones have built in MP3 players.  Normally they do not come with Memory cards however some do.
Wifi Conectivity on All New Straight Talk Smart Phones.
Many of the new Straight Talk Prepaid phones now come with WiFi capability.  This allows you to connect to a network for internet activity even when you do not have cell phone connectivity.  All of the phones with WIFI capability require one of the Unlimited Straight Talk plans.  At this time none of them will work with the All you Need $30 per month plan.
Android Straight Talk Phones
The Android operating system is now available on many Straight Talk Phones.  Most of thle Android Phones require you purchase and use the Unlimited $45 per month or $60 per month unlimitted International cards.  They will not work with the $30 per month 1000 minute plan.  You will find the best selection of Straight Talk Smart Phones at  Straight

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HUAWEI Ascend II from Straight Talk Wireless has  5 megapixel camera and video recorder and is GPS enabled with the Android operating system.

LG 511C Touch Screen is one of the very few CDMA Straight Talk smartphones.  This is often the only smart phone you will be able to buy if you live in an area that only has good coverage from Verizon.

LG Optimus Logic Android 2.3 Prepaid Phone is a nice Android phone with an 800mz processor.  Wifi access is also included.

Features of the LG Optimus Q Straight Talk Prepaid Phone is Android Powered Touch Screen with its slide out Qwerty keyboard and works with Wifi also.

LG Optimus Zip from Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid includes a slide out Qwerty keyboard and a 3.2" touchscreen. This makes an awesome texting phone.

The Motorola Defy XT GSM Phone has the new 7" Corning Gorilla Glass Touch Screen Display, and is a great new Straight Talk Smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S II Android Phone from Prepaid Cell phone company Straight Talk has the 4.3 inch Gorilla Glass screen from Corning and is WiFi capable.

The Samsung T528G SmartPhone from Straight Talk Wireless has a 2.0 mgapixel camera and video recorder.

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