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Straight Talk Wireless is a new Prepaid cell phone provider that is sold online at Straight Talk.com and at your local Walmart Store.  You will find a better selection and better prices at Straight Talk.com, in fact you can usually get a free Phone with the purchase of a $30 or $45 phone card.

Free Straight Talk Phones

For the next few days a Special where you can get a free Samsung R451c, or a LG 220c flip phone or a LG 290c Slider phone.    (This special is usually available right before most holidays). You are getting a $100 phone for free if you take the Samsung R451.  This is really rare for a Prepaid Cell phone company to give Free Qwerty keyboard Phones.  Go to Straight Talk.com to get a Free Phone.  Buy Two phones (they will not let you purchase three), you are only paying for one months service and you can get an extra $99 phone for free.

LG290C All You Need - Free Phone

Who is Straight Talk Wireless?

Straight Talk Prepaid is a joint venture  of Verizon Wireless, Tracfone and Walmart.  Originally all the phones used the Verizon Wireless network for making calls.  Recently they started selling phones that use the AT&T and T-Mobile network also.  Straight Talk Wireless FAQs.

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$45 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Nationwide

Straight Talk has made a huge impact on the cell phone world.  It has a $45 per month Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan that has put a lot of pressure on the big contract cell phone companies.  Before Straight Talk was released most of the contract companies like At&t, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile were charging over $100 per month for unlimited service.  Check out the latest phones at Straight Talk FAQs Online.

Introducing the Touch Screen LG511C!

Benefits of Straight Talk Wireless

  • No credit Check Necessary
  • No Activation Fee
  • No Roaming Fees
  • No Contract to Sign
  • Nationwide Coverage
  •  No Cancellation Fees
  • No Reactivation  Fees
  • One Monthly Fee
  • No Dings to your Credit if you pay late or cancel
  • More Phones being release regularly
  • Touch Screen phone now available
  • Wifi phones now available

Negatives of Straight Talk Wireless

  • No Streaming audio or video even with Unlimited Data
  • Customer Service is through Tracfone and is only available on the phone
  • Customer Service is Poor compared to Contract Plans
  • You cannot tether your computer even with the Unlimited Data plan
  • No Droid available yet
  • No Android Smartphones available
  • No Microsoft Software Smartphones

Straight Talk Wireless FAQs
For any Straight Talk FAQs you may click on the articles listed down the left  side of this page. 
To get the best deal on a New or Refurbished Straight Talk Phone  Unlimited Talk and Text Nationwide for only $45 a month.