What Sets Us Apart

Our Principles and Reputation
- We are an honest company and we try to be as transparent in our policies and billing as possible. 

- Throughout the Las Vegas Valley building and land development industry, we have a reputation for timeliness, professionalism and fair pricing.  We value this reputation and believe that if you hire us, you will see us in this light as well.  Be sure to see our testimonials page.

- We value expedience.  To that end, every backhoe is equipped with a hoe ram, which means your project will be completed without having to switch between machines, like most other companies.  While many other construction companies intentionally go slower than they are able to increase their labor charges, we trust that you will enjoy our honesty and expedience so much that you will hire us again when you have future excavation needs.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

- In addition to a large and able staff, our company president is famously accessible.  Not only is he ready and willing to answer your questions, but if a problem arises during the course of a project, you can be sure he will personally work to resolve it.  Should you be interested in talking with Straight-Line’s president, Randy Pinkston, to discuss what Straight-Line can do for you, please do not hesitate to call Randy at (702) 524-1111.


- We have a proven track record; we have been offering high quality excavation services in the Las Vegas Valley for over 20 years

- Our machine operators are extremely experienced, averaging about 10 years of excavation experience.

Our Rate Structure

- We do not charge overtime to our customers.

- We only have a two hour minimum charge (most excavation companies have a four hour minimum charge).

- We aim to get the job done right the first time, minimizing “go-backs,” which means we save you money versus other excavation companies, money you can use to invest elsewhere.

- For our competitive rates, please click here.
Straight-Line, Inc.
Randy Pinkston, President

(702) 524-1111

8820 El Camino Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89139