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As the owners of the domain name, we frequently receive inquires about all types of construction services.  While our company can provide excavation, backhoe, hoe ram and many other services, there are times we feel like other companies might be more appropriate for your construction needs.  We have been active in the Las Vegas construction industry for over 20 years and we know most of the major players and their track records.  We would be happy to help refer you to a trusted company.

Please use the form below to tell us what kind of construction services you are looking for and we will do our best to pair you with a trusted company.  We do this knowing that when you need excavation, backhoe and hoe ram services, you will know that Straight-Line is the company for you.
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Straight-Line, Inc.
Randy Pinkston, President

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8820 El Camino Rd.
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