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Since its invention in the early 1970’s, the unprecedented diagnostic value of Computed Tomography  (CT) has been demonstrated in many 
clinical fields. Also in non-medical fields, however, the value of CT has been explored… In 2007 Berend Stoel started, together with Terry Borman,  exploring the value of CT in ‘diagnostics’ in classical violins.
Stradiologic offers detailed image analysis of wooden musical instruments, as part of a condition analysis report. In a first step, an instrument is scanned with CT in a local hospital, to prevent unnecessary travel. In this process, we provide the optimal settings for this particular CT scanner. The CT data is then analyzed by dedicated analysis software to produce three types of images (maps) for the upper and lower plate separately:
Density Map
Example of a density map
Thickness Map
Example of a
 Elevation Map
Example of a elevation map
Stradiologic is closely collaborating with Instrumental Insight, led by Terry Borman, who provides a comprehensive condition report, in which these maps are interpreted along with more general (3D) visualization of the CT data:
exploded view from CT

(F-holes have been blurred to provide anonymity)

For a full example of such a report, see the site of Instrumental Insight.