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The entire seminary community was elated on August 24, 2016 as we celebrated the feast of our patron St. Pius X. It is a long standing tradition that on the feast day of the seminary, the newly ordained priests are invited to celebrate the Eucharist with the community. What a joy it was to see eight of our own brothers, standing on the altar of God as priest and thanking him for his faithfulness and for the seminary that shaped them to be ministers of Christ. The day began with a solemn mass celebrated by Fr. Anthony Alphonso along with the other newly ordained priest and seminary staff. It was encouraging for us seminarians, to see that some who had journeyed with us were ordained priests.  Fr. Clifford Dsouza in his homily shared about his experience in the priesthood and how the seminary helps to grow in a relationship with Jesus.

After the meaningful and enriching Eucharist, there was a felicitation program organized by the cultural department. Bishop John Rodrigues, ex-rector of our seminary, who had accompanied the ordinati during their formation years at the seminary was the guest of honour. Fr. Elton Namory on behalf of the ordinati shared the experience of the batch in the seminary and their journey from orientation to being ordained as priest. He shared about how this institute of St. Pius X seminary has been instrumental in their formation. The fourth year theologians as per the tradition of the house humorously entertained everybody with the ordinati special performance. A power point slide-show was presented to us to tell us a little more about the fathers.          

The program ended with the rector, Fr. Aniceto Periera extending a warm invitation to the ordinati of always maintaining this relationship with their alma mater. Thus leading us to the final part of the celebration, the delicious and tasty lunch which was organized by the community in honour of our newly ordained priests. The entire day was exceptional and delightful and the atmosphere in the house was of gratitude. We thank God for blessing us with young, enthusiastic priests and we ask St. Pius X to pray for us. 

                               (Report by Br. Kelvin Santis)


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The formation imparted at the St. Pius X Seminary is geared towards the Sacrament of the Holy Orders. Two significant steps towards this end are the Ministry of Lector and the Ministry of Acolyte, which are conferred upon the first and third year theologians respectively. On August 18, 2016 Bishop Percival Fernandez in the presence of the entire community conferred these ministries upon the brothers.

                ( Newly inducted Lectors - I Year Theologians )                             ( Newly inducted Acolytes - III Year Theologians )

The Ministry of Lector empowers the seminarian to proclaim the Word of God and thereby invites them to cherish the Holy Scriptures and dedicate oneself to the reading, preaching and living of it.

The Ministry of Acolyte endows the seminarian to administer Holy Communion to the people of God. It is also an invitation to deepen their love for the Holy Eucharist and to bring Christ healing to the sick and suffering.

Let us pray for these brothers that along their journey towards the priesthood this pit stop may help them renew their commitment to Follow Him. 

                                                                                                                (Report by Br. Cliffton Mendonca)  

DIACONATE 2016 - “Called to be Faithful Stewards of God's Mercy”

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Top Row Left to Right: Dn. Xavier Patil OFM Cap, Fr. Jospeh D'souza OFM Cap (Provincial-Maharashtra Province),                                        Bishop John Rodrigues (Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay), Fr. Aniceto Pereira (Rector),                                                       Dn. Sanjay Fereira (Vasai), Dn. Nobel Main (Vasai)
Bottom Left to Right: Dn. Simon Rodrigues (Bombay), Dn. Oscar Gonsalves (Bombay),                                                                                   Dn. Robinson Varghese (Bombay), Dn. Savio D’souza (Bombay), Dn. John Pereira (Bombay).                                                             

Eight young men, Five from the Archdiocese of Bombay, two from the Diocese of Vasai and one from the Congregation of the Capuchins, celebrated a great milestone in their journey towards the priesthood that is the Order of Diaconate. It was conferred upon them by his Lordship Bp. John Rodrigues, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay today, 7th August 2016.

“It is like a dream being fulfilled” says newly ordained Deacon Simon Rodrigues, from St. Gonzalo Garcia Parish in Vasai and will soon be ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Bombay, as he was surrounded by his family and well-wishers who showered him with many blessings. “The only feeling right now is great peace and joy!” exclaimed Deacon Nobel Main from Holy Family, Bhuigaon, Vasai. This was very evident, the joy among all the eight deacons and their classmates during the entire ceremony, which began at 10:45 a.m. with mass followed by a small reception in the auditorium.

Bp. John Rodrigues in his homily highlighted the role of a deacon and most importantly, the enthusiasm of being called, a heart focused on Christ who is their greatest treasure and having an attitude of service and availability. As the Rio Olympics 2016 has simultaneously began with the theme ‘Faster, Stronger, Higher’, Bp. John too exhorted the deacons to be Faster – to say ‘yes’ to God’s will, Stronger – in their commitment and Higher – in their ideals.

We wish all the newly ordained deacons, blessing and success as they continue in their ministries.

                                                                                                                       (Report by Br. Ashwin Castellino)           


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The Rector hereby invites tenders to be submitted for a CCTV surveillance system to be installed on campus. For the details of the specifications of the system and architecture kindly refer to the files below.

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