Guide to Using the Periodicals Master List

The Master List of periodicals is divided into four columns: Title, Main Library Holdings, Main Library Location, and Other Branches.



  • Titles are listed alphabetically. All types (newspaper, magazine, etc.), formats (microfiche, print, etc.), and locations (youth services, reference, etc.) are interfiled into a single alphabetical listing.
  • Titles in blue indicate publications to which the library maintains a current subscription (or otherwise currently receives).
  • Titles in red indicate publications to which the library does not currently subscribe, but retains some back issues in microfiche or microfilm format (collectively known as “microform”).



A period of time (e.g. “3 MONTHS”, “1 YEAR”) indicates the approximate length of time that issues of a given title (current subscription) are retained. For example, “1 YEAR” indicates that the library keeps issues of that title going back about one year. Due to shelf space constraints, titles that are published more frequently (such as weekly magazines and daily newspapers) have a shorter holding period than do monthly periodicals.


NOTE: Depending on the particular title, the library may or may not retain back issues (prior to the holding period) in microform. If archived microform copies are available, this will be indicated directly below the current holdings.


A range of years (e.g. “1960-2004”) indicates the approximate range of dates of a given title that the library retains in microform.



  • MAGAZINES: indicates that the title is found in the Main Library Reference Department on the current magazine shelves in the third row (past the yellow pole) of the west section of the department.
  • NEWSPAPERS: indicates that back issues of the newspaper are on the newspaper shelves (second row of reference stacks past the yellow pole on the west side of Reference room). For many newspapers, the current or last received issue is found on the newspaper display racks on the outside of the Reference shelving. For some newspapers the current issue is found on the newspaper shelves.
  • YOUTH SERVICES: indicates that the title is kept on the black racks on the outside of the shelves in the Youth Services Department on the east side of Main Library. 
  • MICROFICHE: is found in a cabinet by the stairs near the West wall.
  • MICROFILM: is found in several cabinets in the first row past the yellow pole in the Reference Department.


Please ask the Reference Department staff for assistance in locating periodicals. Staff in the Youth Services Department can assist with finding periodicals in that area.




Titles held at other St. Petersburg Public Library branches (with the exception of West Community Library at St. Petersburg College) are indicated in the fourth column.