This website shows information about the graves in St Peter's Churchyard, Wellesbourne. 

This is a project in progress so much of the information will be updated as data is analysed and more information is found.

The "New" Churchyard (2nd extension) can be found here New Churchyard Extension

The list of graves are grouped in alphabetical order of Surname. All surnames are in CAPITAL letters. Where more than one surname appears on a grave, the first is one used for the sort key. Others can be found by searching the each page or using the "Search this site" box above.

The Introduction page describes the origin of the data and an explanation of the abbreviations used.

The information on this site was last updated on 24th February 2016.

For any queries regarding this data or if you require any additional information, including photographs, please contact Michael Dane by email, petwell8@gmail.com