What does the PTFA do?
The PTFA is here for you - the parents, guardians and teachers of all the children who attend St Peters. Our main aim is to raise funds to purchase items that would otherwise fall outside the school's budget such as benches for the playground,swimming hats and recently a digital camera for every class.The PTFA also provides an informal social network for parents.Its a great way of making some new friends.In June 2012 we became a registered charity . Saint Peter's School PTFA registered charity 1147884
How does it work ?
The PTFA is currently run by a core of volunteers who regularly attend the PTFA meetings and help to organise events such as the School Discos and other fund raising events .Everyone is free to contribute as little or as much as they like and as often as they like.
PTFA Meetings
Meetings are held every month. Everyone is invited to come along to any of the meetings whether it's simply to listen to what's going on, express an opinion, make a suggestion or volunteer to help. The Coordination of the fund raising activities is carried out by the group.Take a look at our online calendar for the latest meeting dates.
If you feel you would like to get involved either by helping at an event, giving us a great idea or you have a skill that you think we could use then get in touch. We are always happy to welcome new volunteers and appreciate all the help that we get. Take a look at our 'How to Help' page on this website to see other ways you can help us out.