How would you like to win at least £30 a week during term time ?

Would you like the chance to win at least £30 a week during term time ? Our 5 regular super draws pay an enormous £150 ! (Based on 50 members)

To Celebrate the school centenary in 2007,the PTA set up a "100 Club". This is now a well established part of PTFA fundraising and the children love to pick the winner each Friday during term time.
The winner is always announced on our notice board service.
You can subscribe to our notice board updates by clicking here.

The examples above are based on 50 members,we currently have 42 members.

More members are needed in order to maintain the current prize level. All we ask is that you pledge just £5.00 per month to St Peters PTA 100 Club, in return you have the chance of winning every Friday during term time.

There are 5 Super Draws per year which take place at Easter,the end of the Summer term,October Half term,Christmas and mid January.

As well as providing the opportunity for parents,family and friends to win, we also provide valuable extra funds for the School. If we can achieve a membership level of 75 members the School will receive approximately £2000 per year ! In the last two and a half years the "100 Club" has raised an extra £4500 for the school,this includes £1000 of employer matched funding.
Applying is easy !
It is easy to become a member. All you need to do is read the terms and conditions and complete and return the application form. We will then send you a standing order mandate. You will need to complete this and forward it to your bank.You can also pay by cheque half yearly in advance. How easy is that !
Don't Delay
Everything you need including a "payout matrix" illustrating how the prize fund is created is available for download here.