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Matched Funding

Matched Funding refers to the process whereby we can boost, even double, our fundraising for the school’slarge projects. The government encourages businesses, from large multinationals like BT or Centrica to soletraders and self employed individuals, to donate to charity. It does this by allowing the amount donated tocharity by each business to be offset against their annual tax bills.This is not an underhand or controversial way of avoiding tax. It’s the opposite. The government, in May 2012,reconfirmed that they want as much money as possible to be donated through this route by acting to removethe proposed cap on charitable giving.
How Does It Work?
It is very straightforward. Our school has a number of active projects that require funding throughout an academic year. The PTFA, on behalf of parents, looks to fund as many of these as possible. To be eligible for matched funding, the school must request a specific amount of money from the PTFA for a specific project. The PTFA will then hold events where the proceeds are dedicated to that project. Members of the PTFA, and all
parents / carers of children at the school are automatically members, can then request that their employers consider matching the funds raised for the project with a similar donation. For example, the school recently requested that an expensive suite of software and some IT hardware be
purchased to allow the library to be catalogued and managed electronically. The cost of this project was £1,400. The PTFA organised three events to raise £700. A parent then asked their employer to consider matching that amount. In fact, three parents work for this employer and all three regularly ask for matched funding, often resulting in over £1,500 a year in extra income to the school.
Do All Employers Offer matched Funding?
All employers can, but not all do. Some employers prefer to nominate specific charities to make donations to and some employers operate grant schemes. The overwhelming majority of employers will have some method of making donations to reduce their tax liabilities, so it is always worth investigating.
Should I Ask My Employer?
Yes! Please do! Remember, this is not asking your employer to give money away. One way or another, your employer will be spending the money. It is simply a case of asking whether they would consider giving the money to the school’s projects rather than to the taxman!Most employers who provide matched funding will want to see details of the project their money will be spenton, and will ask you to fill out a simple form to apply. The PTA can provide details of suitable current projects to you. Simply speak to one of us in the playground or get in touch via stpetershinckleypta@googlemail.com or by clicking here and we will get the information straight to you. We reply to email all year round, not just during term time !
If your employer does not provide matched funding but does operate grant schemes then we can provide the information you need to make an application.Remember, everybody wins with matched funding. Your employer pays less tax and you can make a fantastic contribution to the school with one simple application ! So, please help a little school to do big things….