If you know of any good sites please let us know.  

Whilst every care is taken to ensure these sites are safe we do not recommend you let your children browse the internet unsupervised.

Fun for the little ones ...

Nick Jr. - lots of games featuring familiar characters like Dora and Blue.

CBeebies - games and pictures to print and colour.

Disney - games and info on Disney cartoons and films

HMS Sweet Tooth - A game in which Biff and Chip help you to learn how to use full stops.

The Patchworker - Rearrange the words to make sentences.  Featuring the Biff and Chip characters.

Dragonland - Learn about questions.  Featuring the Biff and Chip characters.

Thomas the Tank Engine - games, info and pictures to print and colour in.

Fun for the slightly bigger ones ...

Anagrammatics - compete against other people in a game that's a cross between Countdown and Scrabble!  Fun for adults too!

Sudoku - the popular puzzle using numbers or letters with different difficulty settings.  Fun for adults too!

Planarity - rearrange the blue dots so that none of the lines intersect.  They start off easy but get much harder!  Fun for adults too!

Old Maps - Find your house or road in the mid-nineteenth century.

CBBC - Free games, Cool clips and more !