PTA long term support initiatives

The PTA Musical Grant


It is a proven fact that learning music helps children in certain subjects. The power of music and its relevance to subjects as diverse as history and mathematics suggest that we need more of it in the classroom.

The PTA has decided to offer a £2000 Musical Grant starting in Year 3, which the school also helps to subsidise.  It provides one free music lesson per week for one year; this includes the use of an instrument.  This KS2 initiative is run by the Leicestershire Arts in Education Council.  It started last year and was hugely popular, at the end of the free tuition nearly 50% of the class continued on to take music lessons. Depending on the number of children who decide to carry on will impact on the cost of further lessons, the more children who carry on with lessons the cheaper the cost will be.
The PTA would like to be able to offer this Grant on an annual basis so that at some point every child in the school will have had the chance to learn a musical instrument. This is where you as parents help, by supporting our various PTA events throughout the year; if we didn’t have your support initiatives like this wouldn’t be available.

For certain learners, music can be a gateway to knowledge. The instrumentation and mood of a piece of music might communicate more clearly than words, the feeling of an era being studied in history. The exploration of rhythm can help some students understand fractions. Study of the sounds of an organ pipe can lead to an understanding of vibration modes in physics.

Of all the intelligences we are exploring, the musical is the most ignored and yet is the most universal.

Please help and support your PTA so that fantastic initiatives like this one can continue.