It is a fact of modern day life, that schools are not funded as well as they need to be, especially in  Leicestershire!  This school and your PTA (which you are all automatically a member) must therefore work very hard to provide extra funds for increased facilities, equipment and subsidised outings for your child.             

Employer matched funding is a very important part of this.

Some companies will match any fund-raising event that their employees are involved in, i.e. school disco, Summer and Christmas fairs.  If the company you work for is one of these, for every pound raised, up to a ceiling of usually £400, the company will match it.  So £400 raised suddenly becomes £800 raised!

National Grid, Transco and HSBC are our biggest contributors and last year we received a very generous £1420.00 from these companies.  We know the following companies offer it:  Severn Trent Water, Alliance & Leicester, The Coventry, Woolwich, Barclays Bank, Yorkshire Bank, British Gas, Nelson Burgess and Cummins Inc.

Therefore, if you, a family friend or relative works for any of these companies, or know of any other companies that offer Matched Funding, please let the school office know, they will then forward it to the PTA.  Two/three Matched Funders in each year group could make a real difference!

A copy of our matched funding letter is available to download here.

Alternatively your employer may be prepared to donate a prize, to sponsor a future event or sponsor a specific piece of equipment.

St Peter’s PTA would like to thank all parents for their continued support. 

If you want to help decide where funds are spent, or have any fund-raising ideas, the PTA hold monthly meetings, which you are all very welcome to attend – Come along and get involved by clicking the link below.