You could attend or support a fund raising event.
Come to a ladies pamper evening or family party.

You could support fund raising initiatives.Do you have a practical skills that you could help out with,Maybe you could help with photocopying and printing or maybe you have I T or marketing skills that could be put to use. Maybe you could make some cakes for sale at a Summer fair or come along and help serve drinks at a school disco.

If the answer is yes to any of these then you can help
the PTFA to raise money for our school.Let us know about how you
can help by e mail.  
The PTFA hold regular meetings. Please feel free to attend.The dates of these are posted on our online calendar.The minutes of past meetings are published for you to download and read here.
Helpers list

Ask Your Employer
Why not see if your employer would be willing to donate a prize for one of our fund raising events. It could be something that could either be raffled or auctioned.Maybe they could help by donating office supplies or assisting with photocopying or printing. Many employers operate a matched giving program or will donate to a charity nominated by an individual.The PTFA is a registered charity.
(Charity Number 1147884)

Provide new ideas
If you have any ideas for raising funds for our school or just getting together and having a good time, please let us know. we art always looking for new things to try. You email your ideas by clicking here or by approaching one of us in the playground.
So to put it another way................
'Many hands make light work.'
The PTFA raises money which we have used to purchase a wide variety of things for the school. Digital cameras,
PE equipment and play ground equipment are just a small sample of the items purchased with funds raised by the PTFA.
It would not have been possible to purchase any of them without the money raised from PTFA events and the help of the volunteers that organise, supervise and give time to run them. Please help by volunteering. You can do a little or a lot its up to you.
Send us an e mail us an email by clicking here or visit our helpers list page.We look forward to hearing from you.