Church Council
Our church council is made up of nine members of the congregation who were elected by the congregation to serve as representatives to see that St. Peter's is listening to and serving God, and to ensure the good order of the congregation's operation.  We meet on the second Sunday of the month after church.

Youth Ministry
During worship we offer a children's time, for our younger members, which is a time where the children come forward to hear a Gospel message offered for them.

Children are welcome in worship all the time.  We understand that God put the wiggles and the giggles in our children and we rejoice that they are with us.  Worship is a family event and we are glad to have you!  We have a nursery available to all families if you would like to use it and the service can be listened to while using this facility.  

Our youth group meets most weeks on Sundays from 4-6 p.m.  Our youth group is open to youth in grades 6 through 12.  This is a time of food, fun, Bible study and fellowship.  This is open to any youth!

Being an acolyte is an option for our youth who are interested in being a part of worship leadership.  Responsibilities include: lighting the candles, collecting the offering, and helping with communion. 

Women of the ELCA
Our women's group is quite active.  Meeting usually on the third Monday of the month at noon, the women gather together to engage in God's Word and serve God in the world. 

The primary aims of the Women of the ELCA are:

1.  Life in Faith
2.  Evangelism/Witness
3.  Theological Growth
4.  Stewardship
5.  Leadership Development
6.  Peace and Justice
7.  Primary/Family Relationships
8.  Ecumenical Partnership

Please join us and see what we are up to in the church and in the world!

Men's Group
Our men's group meets the second Monday each month at 7:00 p.m.  
Our mission statement is:  “A brotherhood for service to the church and community.”  
With that mission in mind our meetings have two main purposes.  The first is to have a good time, talk, play some games, invite speakers on topics of interest, or even watch a ball game on the new TV set up in our new addition.  Men attending are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks to pitch-in for these events.  The second purpose is to work on projects to help St. Peters or her members, friends, or neighbors as opportunities arise.
Assisting Ministers
We believe that everyone is a part of the priesthood of all believers, and as such, all who feel moved by the Spirit to be a leader during our worship services are invited to participate!  The assisting ministers lead alongside our pastor during our worship service. 

An important part of our time together in worship is hearing the Word proclaimed.  As a lector, you would have the opportunity to read aloud the Old Tesatment, Psalm, and New Testament readings during our worship service.  

Beth Moore Bible Study
Each year we have a Bible study group which meets monthly to engage God's Word using different Beth Moore Bible Studies.  

Sunday School
We believe that living as a faithful Christian means that we take time to engage with Scripture and discuss it in community.  We provide a time of being immersed in God's Word with fellow believers on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. 

We offer a traditional Adult class where we gather around in a study of the Scriptures as they come up in our weekly worship services.  They meet in the church library in the education wing.

We also have a class for children ages 3 years old til fifth grade.  Students in this class gather for a story, a craft, and singing.  They meet in the back classroom in the first hallway in the education building.