Welcome to St Peter's Youth Group (SPY-G) website!  - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This site is being created to share information pertinent to the young people of our parish and to allow them to develop the Website to meet their needs and way they'd like to see it.

The youth group comprises young people and youth leaders from within the parish boundaries of St Peter's Biggleswade, Beds, England...

It would be great to receive your feedback about the new website and any suggestions about how we can improve it. To do so, please  email us.....

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The Youth Group arranges events for 11 – 18 year olds.  

The focus is to help facilitate and support young people's personal and spiritual growth to enable them to seek and develop and strengthen a joyful relationship with God, others in their group and the world. 

This is done through the supreme example of our Lord Jesus Christ, the scriptures and Roman Catholic church teaching including papal instructions/encyclicals. 

Our faith has been passed on from the apostles through the generations and the task of evangelising the next generation falls to parents as well us as a parish. 

By building relationships with and between young people, we have the chance to show why we are committed to our faith and to talk about our own relationship with, and knowledge of, God. We wish to encourage young people's participation in the life of the church and for the young people of the parish to grow as a thriving community of young Christians.