South Side Community Ministries
The South Side Community Ministries Food Pantry 

The food pantry is located on the west side of St. Paul United Church of Christ located at:
225 East Gates Street
Columbus, OH 43206 
The food pantry phone number is:
(614) 444-1669

SSCM Food Pantry Website:

Monetary donations to the food pantry are accepted from the site. 
Give Through United Way
If you already give to the United Way through your employer, one of the most important things that you can do to help the SSCM Food Pantry, is to designate it as the recipient of your donations for the coming year.  On the form you fill out, there should be a line where you can designated to which charity you want your contribution directed.  Here is information you will need:
§  Non-profit, EIN number: 31-0923342
§  Official name: Southside Community Ministries Food Pantry
§  Address: 225 E. Gates St., Columbus, OH 43206
We started making this request of those who give to United Way through their employer two years ago and the response has been most helpful and appreciated.  From 2008 through 2013, the number of families seeking help from our Food Pantry has increased an average of 16.3% per year.  Last year we served 13,683 children and adults in our community, and this year the need has already increased by 7.5% through the end of July.

Thank you for all you do to help us feed those in need!

You can also help by forwarding this email on to relatives, friends colleagues, etc.  Whoever you send it to multiplies the potential giving!
Thank you for considering this request.
Southside Community Ministries Food Pantry
225 E. Gates St., Columbus, OH 43206
“Helping those in need for over 30 years”
(You can help by clicking on the link below and giving – Thanks!

Donations Needed
Always critical items:
Canned Fruit
Chunk Style Soups
Boxed Dinners
Personal Care Items
Paper Goods
All Items Needed by Category:
Boxed/Dry Goods

Bisquick and/or baking mixes

corn meal



beans - and a special request for pork 'n beans




bread mixes




canned meat

canned chili

canned stew

canned fish

canned meat

condensed soups

chunky soups


Fruits & Vegetables

canned vegetables

canned fruits

canned juices

instant potatoes

spaghetti sauce



Peanut butter


Baby Food


Personal Care Items





face soap


personal hygiene products


Paper Goods

paper towels
toilet tissue