Capital Expense Reduction Initiative

We’ve been working together as the church and community to make several improvements to the St. Paul’s UCC building. Some we’ve already finished and some are in process.

Each of these items have helped, or will help to make our building safer and more accessible. They also give us more flexible use of the space and made everything look more beautiful.

In the process we’ve made some significant financial investments. In the immediate term, we have the funds in our endowment fund to cover the cost of the improvements. We also do not want to deplete our endowed funds. There will continue to be opportunities to be the church by reaching out to our community and to make other improvements to the building for times of worship and many other times.

We thank you for being part of the St. Paul’s UCC Community. We present this opportunity for all to be involved to ensure that we’ll continue to not only be a vibrant faith community, but also to continue to have the resources to keep our building and the surroundings safe, accessible, flexible, and beautiful.

And we’re embarking on a 3-year special capital reduction pledge drive to raise as much as $150,000 in one-time gifts and pledges payable over three years.

Your pledge can be payable weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

You can also decide to make a one time gift. These donations correspond to the approximate value of some of the items that are part of the safety, accessibility, flexibility, and beautification plan for St. Paul’s United Church of Christ.