Calendar 2016-2017
2016-2017 Activities Date Time
GRAD: Lunch 14-Aug-16 12:00 PM
Confirmation Fun Day 17-Aug-16
High School Activity: Aquarium and Whale Watch 8/20/2016 6:00 AM
Brunch after church 21-Aug-16 10:30 AM
High School Service Project: Bag Lunches 28-Aug-16 10:30 AM
SCS Teachers Meeting 31-Aug-16 7:30 PM
Blessing Backpacks 4-Sep-16 9:30 AM
SCS Classes Starts 11-Sep-16 10:30 AM
Senior Choir Begins 11-Sep-16 9:30 AM
Worship Returns to 10:30am with Special Rally Day Liturgy 11-Sep-16 10:30 AM
Church Council 12-Sep-16 7:30 PM
High School Activity: Go-carts and Miniature Golf 18-Sep-16 12:30 PM
Bible Study 19-Sep-16 7:00 PM
Spaghetti Supper 24-Sep-16 4:30 PM
Confirmation/Acolyte Activity: Miniature Golf 25-Sep-16 12:30 PM
Adult Ed: World Religions Every Wednesday in October 7:30 PM
Red basket Activity: Bowling 2-Oct-16 12:00 PM
Confirmation/HS Activity: Build Fun House and Plan Activity for Halloween Party 9-Oct-16 12:00 PM
Church Council 10-Oct-16 7:30 PM
Church Wide Activity: Halloween Party 14-Oct-16 6:30 PM
HS Activity: Ten Pin Bowling 16-Oct-16 12:00 PM
Special Liturgy: In Praise of Music and Musicians 16-Oct-16 10:30 AM
Bible Study 17-Oct-16 7:00 PM
Korv Making 22-Oct-16 9:00 AM
Korv Making 22-Oct-16 9:00 AM
Confirmation/Acolyte Activity: Corn Maze 23-Oct-16 12:30 PM
Quarterly Congregational Meeting after church 30-Oct-16 12:30 PM
Reformation Sunday 30-Oct-16 10:30 AM
Craft Fair 5-Nov-16 9:00 AM
Acolyte Activity: Package School Kits 6-Nov-16 12:30 PM
All Saints Sunday and Reception of New Members; Spiritual Liturgy 6-Nov-16 10:30 AM
Empty Nester Luncheon 12-Nov-16 12:00 PM
High School Activity: Service Project: Bag Lunches 13-Nov-16 12:30 PM
Church Council 14-Nov-16 7:30 PM
Cathedral in the Light 20-Nov-16 2:00 PM
Bible Study 21-Nov-16 7:00 PM
GRAD Activity: Lunch 25-Nov-16 1:00 PM
Church Activity: Advent Wreath Making and Stone Soup after church 27-Nov-16 12:30 PM
Advent Cluster Devotions 1-Dec-16 7:00 PM
Advent Cluster Devotions 1-Dec-16 7:00 PM
HS Christmas Party: Lunch 4-Dec-16 12:00 PM
Advent Cluster Devotions 7-Dec-16 7:00 PM
Advent Cluster Devotions 8-Dec-16 7:00 PM
Acolyte/Confirmation Activity: Bowling 11-Dec-16 12:00 PM
Church Activity: St Lucia 11-Dec-16 7:00 PM
Confirmation/Acolyte Activity: Bowling 11-Dec-16 12:00 PM
Church Council 12-Dec-16 7:30 PM
Advent Cluster Devotions 14-Dec-16 7:00 PM
Advent Cluster Devotions 16-Dec-16 7:00 PM
SCS Christmas Rehearsal and Party 17-Dec-16 10:00 AM
Dana Vespers 18-Dec-16 7:00 PM
SCS Program 18-Dec-16 10:30 AM
Christmas Eve Service 24-Dec-16 7:30 PM
GRAD Lunch 1-Jan-17 12:00 PM
Church Activity: Take Down Christmas Decorations 8-Jan-17 12:00 PM
Red Basket/Acolyte Activity: Billy Bees 8-Jan-17 12:30 PM
Church Council 9-Jan-17 7:30 PM
High School Activity: Half-a-Sleepover 13-Jan-17 5:00 PM
Bible Study 16-Jan-17 7:00 PM
Confirmation Activity: Half-a-Sleep Over 20-Jan-17 12:00 PM
Annual Meeting after church 29-Jan-17 12:30 PM
HS/Confirmation Activity: Ski trip 4-Feb-17 7:00 AM
Church Council Installation; Valentine's Liturgy 12-Feb-17 10:30 AM
Church Council 13-Feb-17 7:30 PM
Acolyte Activity: Amherst College 19-Feb-17 12:30 PM
Bible Study 20-Feb-17 7:00 PM
HS/Confirmation Activity: Swimming at Deerfield Academy 26-Feb-17 12:00 PM
Ash Wednesday Service 1-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Progressive Dinner 4-Mar-17 6:00 PM
Lenten Cluster Devotions 8-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Lenten Cluster Devotions 9-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Celtic Worship Liturgy and Church Activity: Carnival/potluck after church 12-Mar-17 10:30 AM
Lenten Cluster Devotions 15-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Lenten Cluster Devotions 16-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Bible Study 20-Mar-17
Bible Study 20-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Lenten Cluster Devotions 22-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Lenten Cluster Devotions 23-Mar-17 7:00 PM
Council Potluck 25-Mar-17 6:00 PM
Acolyte/Confirmation/High School Activity: Roll-on-America 26-Mar-17 12:00 PM
Seder Potluck 9-Apr-17 12:00 PM
Church Council 10-Apr-17 7:30 PM
Maundy Thursday Service 13-Apr-17 7:30 PM
Good Friday Service 14-Apr-17 7:30 PM
Easter Breakfast 16-Apr-17 9:15 AM
Easter Liturgy 16-Apr-17 10:30 AM
Bible Study 17-Apr-17 7:30 PM
Spring Clean 22-Apr-17 9:00 AM
Acolyte/Confirmation Hike 23-Apr-17
Quarterly Congregational Meeting after church 30-Apr-17 12:30 PM
Adult Ed Every Wednesday in May 7:30 PM
Empty Nester Luncheon 6-May-17 12:00 PM
Blue Grass Service 7-May-17 10:30 AM
Red Basket Kids Activity: Craft Project and Ice Cream after church 7-May-17 12:30 PM
Church Council 8-May-17 7:30 PM
Acolyte Activity/Church Wide Activity: Muffins for Mom 14-May-17 9:15 AM
Bible Study 15-May-17 7:00 PM
Church Wide Activity: Mystic Seaport 20-May-17 7:00 AM
End of SCS and Ice Cream Social 21-May-17 12:30 PM
Acolyte Orientation 28-May-17 9:00 AM
High School Activity: Service Project: Bag Lunches 28-May-17 12:30 PM
Confirmation Rehearsal 3-Jun-17 10:30 AM
Confirmation 4-Jun-17 10:30 AM
Church Activity: Church Picnic and Folk Service 11-Jun-17 11:00 AM
Summer Worship Schedule Begins 11-Jun-17 9:30 AM
Church Council 12-Jun-17 7:30 PM
GRAD Activity: Dinner for Recent Graduates 14-Jun-17 6:30 PM
Church Activity: Donuts for Dad 18-Jun-17 9:00 AM
Church Activity: Tag Sale 24-Jun-17 8:00 AM
High School Activity: Deliver Family Inn Personal Care Kits 9-Jul-17 11:30 AM
High School Trip to Lake George July 11-13, 2017 6:30 AM
Church Activity: Brunch after church 16-Jul-17 10:30 AM
Quarterly Congregational Meeting after church 30-Jul-17 11:30 AM
Laughter Sunday 6-Aug-17 9:30 AM
GRAD: Lunch 13-Aug-17 11:30 AM
Confirmation Fun Day 16-Aug-17
High School Activity: Trip to Boston 19-Aug-17 7:00 AM
Brunch after church 20-Aug-17 10:30 AM
HS Activity: Service Project: Bag Lunches 27-Aug-17 10:30 AM
SCS Teachers Meeting 30-Aug-17 7:30 PM
Blessing Backpacks 3-Sep-17 9:30 AM