Motor Bike Given to Our Sister Church in Tanzania
Motor bike given to our sister church in Tanzania.

Our sister church in Tanzania thanking you for the gift of bibles and hymn books.
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Worship and Sunday Church School is at 10:30 am on Sundays (2nd Sunday in September -- 1st Sunday in June) Summer schedule-- worship at 9:30 am

Current Outreach Opportunity    

Personal Care Items for the shelters and Dial Self.   

There is a continuing need for disposable diapers for the homeless who are living in the shelters and congregant housing in the greater Greenfield area.  You may bring diaper contributions to the church and place them in the picture board room. 

Read about the refugee crisis and the Lutheran Church response.  Click here.  Read about the ELCA's response to Hurricane Matthew.  Click here.

ELCA Good Gifts 
Give something that will make real, lasting change in the world. Shop ELCA Good Gifts for more than 50 gift-giving options that support the ministries of the ELCA. From goats to water wells, there’s something for everybody on your list. When you give in honor of a loved one, announce your gift with a printable card. Together, we can do more than we ever could alone, making a huge collective impact on the needs of our church and the world.

Going Green   

For some time we have been recycling and most recently recycling our flatware.  The council has decided to begin a program for composting along with recycling.  For events downstairs, you will find a compost barrel.  Please place your paper goods, food, paper cups, napkins, and flatware in the barrel for delivery to the compost station in Greenfield. Our plates, cups, and flatware are all designed for composting.  Recycling tubs are to the left of the coffee pot downstairs.

Cathedral in the Light

Every Sunday on the town common in Greenfield there will be a worship service with communion followed by a meal.  Each church in Franklin county is asked to host two services and provide food for 100.  St. Paul's has signed up for Sunday, November 20 and again on March 19.  We are responsible for providing a hearty soup, similar to Stone Soup, and 100 sandwiches (no peanut butter and jelly).  We would not only serve the meal but join the guests in eating and in worshiping and bonding.  I will share more here as I learn more.    Watch a video about Cathedral in the Night

Volunteer Activity  

Birthday Wishes is a nonprofit that provides birthday parties for homeless children in shelters across Western Mass. In Greenfield, we serve the Greenfield Family Inn. We believe that all children, regardless of their living situation, should celebrate their birthdays joyfully, surrounded by family, friends, and others who care. We are in great need of volunteers to assist at parties in Greenfield. We also have a vast array of volunteer opportunities for families, groups, adults and children. More info is available at We would so appreciate your support. Contact Jen Matoney at 866-388-WISH (9474), ext. 7 or, and thank you.

Community Meals Take Home Meals   

You can help by bringing in non-perishable food for a single meal-- breakfast, lunch, supper, beverage, snack.  The Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are good places to buy the food. The Barn is another good source for food as well as BJ's. The high school class  assembled 140 bags on Sunday, August 28.

Haiti Program 

Consider supporting the Good Samaritan School in Haiti which provides an educational program for the slave children. For only $3 you can pay a teacher's salary! Follow this link to Opportunities for Communities to contribute and learn more about how you can help.  Hurricane Matthew tore the roof off the school.


Do you knit, quilt, sew, or crochet?  If so Project Linus needs you!  This program enlists people to make blankets and afghans.  For more information email A Notion to Quilt or call Deborah Jurek at 774-7164.  Project Linus has donated over 4 million handmade blankets in the last 15 years! 

Food Bank Request 

The Food Bank of Western Mass is looking for donations.  You may read about the Food Bank by clicking here.
Notes from Terry on BEING GREEN  

Interested in knowing how energy efficient you are? Here is a link to a carbon calculator I found!  

Did You Know?  Plastic drinking straws may be recyclable.  They are most likely #5 in the sorting of plastics and are made of polypropylene.  The trouble is they are very light and can blow around or get caught in or damage your recycling facility's machinery.  They should be put inside another like plastic container before you put it in the recycling bin.  Examples of things that come in #5 plastics are cottage cheese, yogurt, margarine, medicine bottles, and some take-out containers.  Just check for the #5 on the bottom.  Why is this important? First, because it is important to recycle anything we can to avoid putting more trash in the landfill that will take a very long time to break down or having it end up in our oceans.  And second, because it can harm wildlife that may ingest or be harmed by plastic.  For a painful example of this which had a good outcome, watch this video. 

Another important recycling tip:  be sure to keep trash or compost out of the recycling bin.  This keeps the recycling stream from being polluted and less valuable, which decreases the profitability of this as an industry and makes the whole recycling system possible.  For an interesting read:  see American recycling is stalling, and the big blue bin is one reason why by Aaron C. Davis in the Washington Post 7/20/15   References: