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FYI: Amazing Grace donations total over $73,000

Canadian Anglicans have donated a whopping $73,000 to the Council of the
North through the Amazing Grace Project. The project encouraged all to
sing "Amazing Grace" on Nov. 23 and send in their filmed rendition to
the national office, where they were included in a ten-minute
compilation video. Each "Amazing Grace" singer was also encouraged to
donate a toonie to support ministry in Canada's northernmost dioceses.

Those toonies added up, and donations continue to pour in every day.
"Given the fact that this was never designed primarily as a fundraising
project, this is an incredible response," said Vianney (Sam) Carriere,
director of communications and information resources-the department that
spearheaded the project.

The Council of the North meets in Edmonton in February and will discuss,
among other things, how to use these funds. The council is comprised of
nine dioceses, the Archdeaconry of Labrador, and the Anglican Parishes
of the Central Interior. Many communities within this area are remote,
and costs are high, particularly for travel.

Over one third of parishes in the Anglican Church of Canada participated
in the Amazing Grace Project, either by sending in a video or money. To
thank everyone for singing, General Synod contributed money to
distribute a DVD of Amazing Together to all parishes that participated.
Look out for yours soon, or watch it online (see link below).

Amazing Grace Video 1 - Parish Picnic


Amazing Grace Video 2 - November


The Amazing Grace Project