Stories in Stitches 3

Stories in Stitches III

Quilts, Hooked Rugs and Needlecraft wanted for a great exhibition!

Historic and beautiful St. Paul’s church in downtown Charlottetown is the site of the most dramatic show of quilts, hooked rugs and artistic needlework. It will run from Tuesday 26 September to Saturday the 30th -- daily from 10:00 till 5:00 (till 7:00 on Friday).

What a great way to display these works of art: set out on the pews and railings of the church, against a background of richly warm woodwork, lit by the colourful stained-glass windows.

An appreciative audience is assured: each of the previous shows (in 2013 and 2015) drew more than 1200 visitors. Again this time there will be cruise ships docking in Charlottetown, bringing hundreds and hundreds of visitors. Admission will be just $5, so as to let everyone have a chance to spend a wonderful hour soaking up the magnificent display.

The show welcomes the whole gamut of fabric, fibre and needle crafts, in all styles from antique to modernistic. Indeed, this year the exhibition is expanding: it’s not just the church that will be full, but there will also be a display of scores of hooked rugs and a special collection of needlework pillows next door in the parish hall. The single admission will get viewers into both sections of the show. There will also be daily demonstrations by rug-hooking and quilting artisans.

Why the title, ‘Stories in Stitches’? ... because there’s usually a story about why a piece was created, about a person or cause for which it was made, or about something that happened during the making. Items will be labelled with contact data and information about the history, intent and technique of the work.

It’s not a sale, although presenters are given the option of allowing subsequent purchase of their works, and the labels will indicate that. The maximum number of pieces any one person may enter is 5. There is no entry fee for exhibitors. The deadline for registration as an entrant is September 11.

For information and entry/registration forms, contact the St. Paul’s parish office - 902-892-1691, or Carol Macdonald at 902-218-2213,