The Parish of St. Paul’s Church is pleased to welcome and help people who have chosen to be married in our Church. Marriage is a public service of the Church and should therefore be solemnized in the body of the Church. This page is intended to help couples, who are planning to be married at St. Paul’s Church, be familiar with the expectations of the Church. Particularly in the areas of premarital education and the liturgy itself.

Marriage is a sacrament of the Church and is a means of God's grace. It is, “a way of life that all should reverence, and none should lightly undertaken.” Furthermore, “it is God's purpose that, as husband and wife give themselves to each other in love, they shall grow together and be united in that love, as Christ is united with his Church.”

The Anglican Church affirms that according to the Lord’s teaching Holy Matrimony is a life-long union, voluntarily undertaken by a man and a woman, and sanctified by God. Weddings are happy and sacred events and people assume a tremendous responsibility towards each other.


At least 60 days notice is required for marriage in the Church. However, more lead-time is helpful to everyone concerned. The choice of a date and time must be made in consultation with the Celebrant. If either person has been previously married the Celebrant must be notified as soon as possible because special permission from the rector is required to remarry in the Church.


It is your responsibility to obtain a Provincial Marriage License and to deliver it to the Celebrant in due time before the marriage. A Marriage license will be issued at the same time the application is made, provided that the bride and groom are both present and have all the required documents with them.

You will need:

    • Provincial Birth Certificates. (No other documents will be accepted except baptismal certificates from Quebec and Newfoundland.)
    • Social Insurance Numbers.
    • If divorced, a Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce.
    • If widowed, a death certificate of the former spouse.
    • If under 18 years-of-age, the consent of both parents.

The Marriage License can be obtained from;

Health & Social Services

Riverview Business Centre,

16 Garfield St., Charlottetown.

Health and Social Services Office

126 Douse’s Road, Montague.

Toll Free: 1-877-320-1253


The Province charges for the Marriage License, the charge is $100.00. It is payable when the license is issued. The Marriage License is only valid for three months from the date of purchase.


Please deliver the Marriage License and accompanying documents (the Registration Form and Marriage Certificate) to the Parish Office as soon as possible and no later than one week prior to the wedding.


There is no charge for the use of the Church by members of the Parish.

Church Rental (non-members): $500.00

Custodial services: $40.00.

Organist: $ 100.00 per service,

$ 50.00 per rehearsal.

A donation to the Church is appropriate.

An honorarium for the Celebrant is at your discretion (suggested minimum - $100.00).

These fees are to be paid at (or before) the rehearsal, and are subject to change.

Other fees may apply for ceremonies that occur away from St. Paul’s Church.


It is required that those seeking marriage in the Church attend a premarital program in which the meaning and nature of Christian marriage and family life are discussed, as well as the need for God's grace. St. Paul’s Church often organizes a Marriage Preparation Event. This has proven to be helpful for couples who are getting married. It is also expected that there will be a series of meetings with the Celebrant. These events are not considered optional.


It is your responsibility to arrange for music, the organist at St. Paul’s Church is Elizabeth Borman. She has the exclusive right to play at all weddings, permission is required if an alternative arrangement is desired. Her phone number is 961-3275. All hymns and music must be approved by the Celebrant.


Two or three readings, including a Gospel reading, shall normally be read.

The following are merely suggestions, if other scripture readings are desired they may be read.

Old Testament and New Testament Readings:

Genesis 1:27-28, 31a

Tobit 8:5b-8

Romans 12:1-2, 9-13

1 Corinthians 13

Ephesians 1:14-19

Colossians 3:12-17

1 John 4:7-12






Gospel Readings:

Matthew 5:1-10

Matthew 22:35-40

Mark 10:6-9

John 2:1-11

John 15:9-12

Your family and friends may read the lessons.


It is also suggested that your family and friends may lead the Prayers of the People.

Please call our rector the Rev'd John Clarke to talk about Marriage (902-892-1691).


After much discussion Parish Council passed a motion stating that we have “an understanding that marriage can be between 2 men, 2 women or one man and one woman.” Therefore, the blessing of same sex civilly married couples is an appropriate pastoral and liturgical response. We will request permission for the parish to use the rite authorized by the diocese for the blessing of same sex civil marriages.

Parish Council members are sensitive to the fact we (the members of this parish) are not of one mind with regards to his issue. We encourage everyone to speak with John if you are uncomfortable with this action or want further information. Perhaps continuing conversation can help us gain a fuller appreciation of how we feel about significant changes within the life of the Church. We are also appreciative of the people who wrote emails or have already made appointments with John. We are thankful for all who attended the Parish Meeting.

Parish Council took this decision seriously and believes that there is overwhelming support. Effectively, we are still prohibited from presiding at weddings of same sex couples. This option allows us to bless the marriages of couples who are already married civilly.

Permission has been received from the Bishop.