Here at St. Paul’s Church, we extend the hospitality of the Lord’s Table to all.

  • It is our hope that people who are new to us, visitors and searchers, experience us as a welcoming, inviting and inclusive community.

Here are some things to note for our worship:

  • Standing, kneeling or sitting are optional for the prayers at St. Paul’s Church and we encourage people to do what is most comfortable. Unless, of course otherwise instructed.
  • You may stand or kneel at the railing to receive communion, or you can stay in your pew and we'll bring communion to you (just let the greeters or one of the clergy know).
  • Communicants may receive the bread and the wine from the common cup, or just the bread, or just the wine.
  • We have gluten free wafers upon request.
  • “Intinction” or dipping the bread in the wine is no longer an accepted practice in this parish or throughout the diocese of NS & PEI. This measure is taken to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.


  • Children are welcome at all of our worship services. Most Sunday’s Sunday School is held for children ages 4 and up, in the Parish hall and it begins at 9:50 am. However, students can join the others late.
  • We know that, from time to time children can become noisy. Be assured that we understand and there is no need to be embarrassed. If your child become too noisy for you there are colouring and other books of interest available, as well as a “break-out-room” designed for children. The Sidespeople can direct you to the books and to the room. Most importantly, we want you to know that we would rather have you here with noisy children than not here at all.


  • Every Sunday, following our 10:00 am worship service (and often at 8:00 am) there is an opportunity for continuing fellowship over coffee (in the summer lemonade) and we hope everyone who can will remains for this special time.