Parish Council

In 2006 the Parish of St. Paul’s committed itself to reviewing the Parish Vision (renewed in 2014). This involved an extensive Parish-wide process of holy conversations to discern where we believe God is calling us.

The Parish Council carefully spent most of 2006 trying to put the Vision and Mission Statements into action. It was finally decided that we would suspend our committee structure and develop Ministry Teams corresponding to the characteristics of the Mission Statement. Parish Council would have two Ministry Teams in addition to the five characteristics of the Mission and these are Finance, Property and Executive. It was felt that virtually nothing from Canon 35 (the diocesan Canon regarding parish governance) was left out of this plan. The Clergy of the parish form a Ministry Team called the Ordained Ministry Team (OMT). They function in a way that is intended to offer support and partnerships in the ministry of the whole people of God and help the Parish in the carrying out of the Vision and Mission.

The Role of Parish Council 

Property, Finance, Executive and OMT

We are called to responsibly look forward to how we anticipate the calling of God to serve the needs of St. Paul’s Church and the greater community.

Parish Council 

Parish Council will focus on an intentional systematic planning function. It will seek input from the Ministry Teams, committees of Parish Council and the members of St. Paul’s Church. Parish Council will attempt to put their plans into a consolidated six month, one year and five year time frame. Our goal is to promote shared ministries for the parish in a manner that reflects a balance of needs and opportunities.

Parish Council will assess the impact of programs on the time, talent and treasure resources of the members, on the staff and on the buildings.

The Parish Council will also look at trends and opportunities and provide suggestions or recommendations where appropriate. The interaction between St. Paul’s, other Anglican parishes, the Diocesan Church Society, the Diocese, other Christian churches and other faith groups will be part of its considerations.

This Parish Council will initiate annual reviews of parish covenants, the Parish Vision and Mission Statements and will be responsible for ensuring that we renew the Vision and Mission every five years.

The Parish Council will also provide for four additional Ministry Teams. Both the Finance and Property Ministry Teams will fulfill the responsibilities outlined in Canon 35. The Executive Ministry Team consists of the rector and Wardens and is responsible for the general oversight of the Parish. The Ordained Ministry Team (OMT) consists of the rector and the Non-Stipendiary clergy of the Parish. They’re responsibilities are largely pastoral and liturgical.

It will be the role of Parish Council to enable communication among the various Ministry Teams. The hope is that the Ministry Teams will coordinate their efforts and support one another in fulfilling the ministries.

All members of Parish Council are expected to be involved in one of the Ministry Teams or one of the activities associated with a Ministry Team. It will be the responsibility of the Ministry Teams to co-opt members of the Parish who have a skill or interest in the ministry.

It is by God’s grace that we are involved in God’s work.

All our Parish Family! 

Tom DeBlois 

Parish Administrative Assistant: 
Laura Bird 

Director of Music Ministry: 
Elizabeth Borman 

Clar Fradsham 

Associate Priests: 
The Rev’d Jay Macdonald 

The Rev’d John W.G. Clarke 
Archdeacon of Prince Edward Island 


Meeting Dates
Meeting start at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.


Annual Meeting: Sunday, February 21 - following the combined 10:00 a.m., worship.

Feb. 23

Mar. 15

Apr. 19

May 17

June 21

Sep. 20

Oct. 18

Nov. 15

Dec. 6 or 13

Jan. 17, 2017 

The Annual Meeting 2017 – Feb. 19 - following the 10:00 a.m., combined worship.
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