A community for FIRST robotics teams in St. Paul, Minnesota. 
Since it was founded, the St. Paul Hub has started hosting several events to increase communication and cooperation between nearby teams. In the past , these included a kickoff, a summit, and a week 0. We also support each other during the competition: sharing parts, knowledge or a bus ride.   If you would like to help, send an email to Scottie@HPRobotics.org, and get in touch with us.

Week 2 Event - January 23, 2016

Como BeastBots hosted a week 2 gathering this weekend. Representatives from Como, Washington Tech, Highland and NoMythic attended the event. We discussed strategy, scouting, game pieces, awards, and accounting. It was fun and informative. Thank you Como!


Hub Party - November 14, 2015

Hub teams gathered at Great River School (2491 NoMythic) for a party - to do activities, get to know each other, and have fun!


If you are a robotics team in St. Paul, and have not heard about this, please contact us quickly. We would love to have your support, and help support you.

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