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St Paul's was built as a special, Sir George Gilbert Scott's last church, especially for a nephew, especially with a generous grant, a church modern for its day and a with a fabulous seven bedroom vicarage - including the servant's quarters.

It seems that in 1880 the church was built to last at least 100 years.  In the last thirty years or so it has been crying out for repairs, not least to keep it weather tight.  The cast iron gutters have been dripping for some time.

In 2007, the Area Dean and vicar of St Mary & St Nicolas church applied for a grant from English Heritage.  With the church now listed as Grade I due to its unique setting with the vicarage and acre of grounds - in addition to its eminent architect - a generous grant of £123,000 was offered.  The PCC at the time were divided over applying for such funds, but no other plans were in place. Rather than loose such a magnificent place of worship serving this location, the pursuit of further grants followed in 2010.  The PCC expressed its gratitude to the Lincolnshire Churches Trust, National Churches Trust Tarbolton Legacy, Marshalls, the LPWS and the many who helped raise funds.

On 29 September 2010, works commenced to repair the roof and replace the unique gutters and downpipes.

By early October, Longbottoms Foundry at Holmfirth had commenced work on the pattern dressing.

The first of the newly gutters were cast in time for Advent 2010; the pictures show the pattern.

By the end of February 2011, the new high level gutters and downpipes on the nave were revealed by the removal of the scaffolding.

Replacement of the cast iron gutters neared completion in April 2011; final works on this stage include checking and repairing rainwater gulleys, repairs and patches to the roof and replacement of selected stones were expected to be completed by Easter 2011, the Flower festival and Royal Wedding; a Free Press article records the excitement in the last days.  The last sections of scaffolding were removed just before completion of the gutter replacement on 15 April.

This stage of the works included the repair of coping stone and the replacement of two kneeler stones, newly installed on Friday 3 July 2011.

Pictured, left: new gutters and downpipes in the north east corner around the sanctuary and organ/vestry.

Further repairs and renewals continue to be required.

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