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The original eight bells are understood to have been made by Lewis of Brixton and were hung in the separate tower and belfry at St Paul's. In recent times they have only been rung on special occasions; further repairs and renovations are expected to be needed before the bells can be rung, with a 1990 report suggesting various issues.
The peal includes a 14½ cwt tenor.  Each of the original bells bear an inscription:
The tenor: ‘God the Father’
7th ‘Jesus our Redeemer’
6th ‘The Holy Ghost. Our Comforter’
5th ‘St Paul, our Patron Saint’
4th ‘Christopher our Bishop’
3rd ‘Charlotte Charinton, our Benefactress’ (pictured left)
2nd ‘Edward Moore, our Rural Dean’
1st ‘Richard Guy Ash, our first vicar

The bells were hung in cast iron cages erected by John Wright of Spalding
The plaque notes a peal of 5056 plain Bob Major was rung in two hours and fifty minutes on Monday 4 October 1954 following the passing of a previous captain of the tower, Donald K Nichols.
In 1953, Taylors wrote with a summary of their survey findings. The work was carried out in 1953 as per this extract and was completed and invoiced on November 12th 1953.

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