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On January 22nd, the 46th anniversary of the holocaust of the Roe verses Wade decision, a dozen members of St. Paul Lutheran church traveled to the Capital of Minnesota to march for women, children, life (from conception to natural death) and especially the protection of the innocent in the womb.

Thousands of people braved the cold temperatures in St. Paul MN, young and old alike, and across the country millions marched to keep the awareness at the forefront to overturn the horrible and wrong decision of the Supreme Court Justices'. Now that we know that life begins at conception by science (which was a requirement by the justices' in 1973 and the bible has proclaimed it all along) we must hold the supreme court and our elected leaders accountable to the United States Constitution that all have the right to LIFE. Terminology can be confusing for some. The term "Fetus" is Latin for and means baby. "Abortion" means to deliberately cut short the life of the child in the womb, in turn means murder. So, to abort a fetus is to murder a baby. May God cause us to repent of this great evil and preserve our nation. In light of New York's state government which recently changed its constitution to allow murder on demand for any reason; even including if the mother does not like the gender, or the baby has a physical issue like down syndrome. Their new law even allows to kill the child outside of the womb if so desired. May the rest of the country not lose their sanity too, and may the Federal courts overturn New York's horrible, evil government.

What kind of country does not stand for and protect children?


Pastor John Miels


Throughout the month of February, we will continue to collect “Baby Bottles” for the Pregnancy Help Center in Rice Lake. Pick up a baby bottle at the church and fill it with your change and return to the church.

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We are located one mile east of Cumberland, Wisconsin on the south side of Highway 48.

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