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posted Mar 4, 2011, 2:28 PM by Stewardship St Paul   [ updated Mar 9, 2011, 12:40 PM ]

Children's Stewardship - St. Paul and PSR students sponsored a blanket drive to provide warmth to the homeless of St. Louis through STL Winter Outreach.  The children included notes and pictures to add additional 'warmth' for those in need.  The representative from the organization was amazed by our efforts and the back of her pickup was literally filled with the generosity of our parish. 
                - Thanks to Bridgette Yehling, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Shannon for coordinating this

Mass Greeters -  We now have 3 greeters scheduled for each weekend mass to help deepen our sense of community on our days of worship.  Please appreciate the efforts of these volunteers
                - Please contact Suzanne Baer or send an email below if you would like to be help

Online Giving - Since launching this program in November 2010, controbutions to our parish have increased and we are ahead of budget for the year.  Roughly 12% of the number of contributions and 15%-25% the dollar amount are now given online at St. Paul.  Join your fellow parishioners in this secure, flexible way to share your gifts with God

Sign up between 3/5/11 - 3/15/11 and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $50 scrip card of your choice.

Welcoming Committee - In 2010, these volunteers contacted 71 families when they registered with St. Paul.  These new member of our family were called or visited, and provided information on parish organizations, a photo directory, invitations to celebrate Mass in the company of a committee member to help meet people, and delivered bread, cookies, and even dog treats.


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