Stewardship Committee


The Stewardship Committee has established these initiatives to spread God’s Stewardship call and grow faith and community in our parish.


Electronic Offertory - Online Giving, or Electronic Offertory, is a secure and flexible service that helps the parish meet its commitments and goals by providing parishioners a convenient way to return God’s gifts in a financial way.

Children’s Programs - To ensure children are exposed to God’s teachings and their responsibility of Stewardship in their lives, specific education and programs will be available to them through St. Paul School and PSR.  

Eucharistic Activities – Programs that enrich our Eucharistic lives, educated us on God’s way, and make Mass more fulfilling and complete are goals of this sub-committee.


Donor Appreciation - Parishioners are the life blood of our parish and all efforts are most appreciated and will be recognized.


Welcoming Committee – When a new family registers, this committee contacts them to ensure they are welcomed, understand the ways they can get involved with the parish and offers assistance.


Parish Communications - A quarterly newsletter is sent to each registered parish family to share exciting and important information on parish events, organizations, and Stewardship.


Meetings - Stewardship Committee meets bi-monthly in the church basement on the 2nd Tues of the following months:

        - Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov

Stewardship & Development Chairman - Bob Bira

If interested in helping with any of the committees or becoming involved with any programs at St. Paul, please send us an email

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