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What is an ACTS retreat?
An ACTS retreat is a three-day and three-night Catholic lay retreat presented by fellow parishioners of St. Paul. 
The retreat begins on Thursday evening with a send-off ceremony at St. Paul Church and ends the following Sunday at the 11:30am Mass celebrated with the rest of the community. Retreats for men and retreats for women are given separately.
Talks and activities during the retreat focus on Adoration, Community, Theology and Service, from which the ACTS program acronym is derived. Holy Scripture (Acts 2:42-47) and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are the guides for the retreats. The retreat facilitates the attainment of a new or deeper relationship with the Lord through:

  • Adoration – the call by, acceptance of, and response to God,

  • Community – the love and caring of each other,

  • Theology – the study of God through scripture and the Catholic Faith,

  • Service – to God and his people.

The ACTS weekend brings the retreatants to a better understanding of God’s love for them and also develops their need to share that love with others through their involvement in St. Paul’s faith-centered community. The retreat emphasizes our call to service to the St. Paul parish community and to our world community.
This results in a new or renewed dedication to the life of our parish community and a new recognition of the needs of those around us and of our obligation, as followers of Christ, to help meet those needs.
Upcoming retreat information 

Men’s ACTS retreat -- September 14 - September 17, 2017 This retreat will be held at Mercy Retreat Center

Women’s ACTS retreat -- February 08 - February 11, 2018 This retreat will be held at Mercy Retreat Center

Registration Form & FAQ 

These documents also contain an FAQ with more information on the ACTS retreat.


My ACTS experience has definitely kick-started my faith journey and brought me much closer to the community.
– Tina McDonald 

ACTS jump-started my faith.  Now I regularly pray the rosary and go to confession which I hadn’t done since ‘93.  I even became an Extraordinary Minister.  If you feel you are a bit stale in your faith, the ACTS Retreat is a wonderful way to get more connected.
– Gene Gauthier 

My ACTS experience helped me to realize that I was getting rather lazy in my faith journey.  I pray more often and surrender as much as I can.
– Lisa Snyder