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St. Louis Archdiocese Launches 

New Pro-life Website: HoldMyHand.Net

The Archdiocese of St. Louis launched a new website this week in its efforts raise public support for the campaign to defund Planned Parenthood, and to address the issues raised by the recently released Planned Parenthood videos.  


The videos, released by the Center for Medical Progress, are available for viewing on the site along with information about what you can do to help in this effort. The Archdiocese hopes to awaken Catholics and all people of good will to the horrors of abortion and the "harvesting" of fetal remains.

January 22 marks the 44th anniversary of the tragic decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. As we pause to call to mind all the lives lost to abortion, we encourage you to join us on Saturday, January 21 when we will gather at 9:30 a.m. at the Cathedral Basilica for Mass, celebrated by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, to pray for an end to abortion in our nation, and particularly, in our Archdiocese. The Mass will be followed by a Rosary Procession to Planned Parenthood with Benediction at the Cathedral upon our return. 

If you cannot join us on January 21, a number of other pro-life events are scheduled throughout the month of January as listed in this newsletter and also on our website. Please also keep in your prayers the pilgrims traveling to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life on Friday, January 27.

In Christ,

The RLA Office


Board Bill 203: A Dangerous Proposal

proposed city ordinance would effectively create an "abortion sanctuary" in the City of St. Louis. Board Bill 203, filed by Alderwoman Megan E. Green would amend the City's anti-discrimination ordinance to add pregnancy and “reproductive health decisions” as a protected class. "Reproductive health decisions" includes any decision related to the use of contraception, fertility control, or termination of a pregnancy. The bill is co-sponsored by alderpersons Christine Ingrassia, Cara Spencer, Shane Cohn, and Chris Carter.

If passed, this ordinance would mean employers, labor organizations, employment agencies, financial institutions, persons who sell or rent property and others would be prohibited from discriminating against persons (including individuals, partnerships, associations, corporations, etc.) who or which make a decision related to abortion, birth control or artificial reproduction.

There is no exemption for religious organizations or those with conscientious objection. Thus, a Catholic school or Catholic Charities agency could be fined by the City for not employing persons who publicly promote abortion. Catholic institutions also could be fined for not including coverage for abortion in their insurance plans.

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson released a statement on January 10, stating, in part: "[T]he Archdiocese of St. Louis cannot and will not comply with any ordinance like Board Bill 203 that attempts to force the Church and others to become unwilling participants in the abortion business. There is no room for compromise on such a matter. This is a matter of fundamental religious and moral beliefs."

To read more about this important issue, click here. If you live in the city of St. Louis, we strongly encourage you to contact your alderperson and ask him/her to oppose Board Bill 203.


Waste, Abuse, and Potential Fraud Found In Planned Parenthood Audit

Over $8.5 million in overpayments under Medicaid were made to Planned Parenthood affiliates based on 51 external audits of Planned Parenthood affiliates in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. The recently-released report, based on research by Charlotte Lozier Institute and Alliance Defending Freedom, found widespread waste by Planned Parenthood.

In New York alone, during one four-year period, it appeared that hundreds of thousands of abortion-related claims were unlawfully billed to Medicaid. If the percentage of overbilling found in these audits were applied to the Medicaid program as a whole, it would amount to $42.5 billion in overbilling by Planned Parenthood.

For more information, click here.


Pro-Life? Do This Easy Thing In 2017
By Anne McGuire

I'll never forget briefly getting to know a friend's son, who was in seminary. Something about his gaze struck me more than anything else: it lacked any trace of trying to obtain something from me. Instead of focusing on achieving personal objectives, he simply befriended me for my own sake. It wasn't a romantic situation, so as I tried to process why I felt so deeply moved, I suddenly realized: I had experienced the gaze of Christ.

That's what being pro-life is about. As Cardinal O'Malley, O.F.M. Cap., former chair of the bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, once noted, "we discover our worth when we discover our true identity found in the unchangeable, permanent fact that we are created in God's image and likeness and called to an eternal destiny with him."

Being pro-life means taking a stand against what Pope Francis calls the "throwaway culture," which looks out for its own gains, casting people aside as though their lives are not worth living. It means seeing people as Christ sees and loving them as he loves.

Being pro-life is about cherishing and protecting each person and his or her life at every stage and in every circumstance. That's why the U. S. Catholic bishops are asking us to participate in 9 Days for Life — a digital pilgrimage from January 21-29.

Click here to continue reading.


Upcoming Events:

Sat., Jan. 14
OLI Trivia Night

Go back to the 80's with this trivia night fundraiser for Our Lady's Inn! The event will be held at Chaminade College Prep in the Atrium. Doors open at 6 pm; trivia begins at 7 p.m. Cost is $25/person or $200/table of 8. The evening will include prizes for best costume, best decorated 80's theme table, raffles, contests, and silent auctions. For more information, call Katrina at 314.736.1544.

Thu., Jan. 19
Young Adult Pro-Life Holy Hour

All young adults are invited to join in a pro-life Holy Hour at 7 p.m. at the Cathedral Basilica to pray for protection of the unborn in our country. Prior to the Holy Hour, a simple dinner and talk will be offered at 6 p.m. in Boland Hall. This event is co-sponsored by the RLA, the Office of Young Adult Ministry, and Anima Christi. For more information, visit the Facebook event or contact the RLA at or 314.792.7555.

Sat., Jan. 21
Annual Roe v. Wade Memorial Mass

All are invited to join Archbishop Carlson and the St. Louis community to pray for an end to abortion and an increased respect for all human life at this Annual Memorial Mass at 9:30 a.m. at the Cathedral Basilica. Following Mass, we will have a Rosary Procession to Planned Parenthood. All are encouraged to join us in this peaceful witness. The Rosary Procession will return to the Cathedral where Benediction will be offered. For more information, contact the RLA at or 314.792.7555.

Sun., Jan. 22
Rosary Flash Mob

Please join a Flash Mob Rosary in support of the unborn on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade at 2 p.m. outside the Planned Parenthood on Forest Park. The event is hosted by The Pros, a group of middle and high school students whose mission is to give service to and to pray for human life in all of its stages. For more information, please email

Sun., Jan. 22
Candlelight Vigil

The East Central Area of Missouri Right to Life will be hosting a candlelight vigil in remembrance of the lives lost as a result of Roe v. Wade. The vigil will be held from 5-6 p.m. at the corner of Jefferson and 5th Street in Washington, MO. Participants are asked to bring a flashlight or candle. Email for more information.

Sun., Jan. 22
Rosary for Life

Our Lady of Guadalupe for Life will be hosting a Rosary for Life at Assumption Parish in Mattese at 2:30 p.m. to pray in particular for those participating in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Rosary will be prayed in the church with light refreshments afterwards in the lower level. Contact Anna Marie at 314.487.2066 for more information.

Tue., Jan. 24
Pro-Life Holy Hour

All are invited to a special Holy Hour to pray for all making the trip to DC for the March for Life at 7 p.m. at St. Mary Magdalen - South City. For more information, please call the parish office at 314.352.2111 ext. 4.

Thu., Jan. 26
Pro-Life Holy Hour

All are invited to join in a pro-life Holy Hour at St. Clare of Assisi in Ellisville beginning at 7 p.m. Contact the parish office for more information by calling 636.394.7307.

Sat., Feb. 4
Midwest March for Life

The 6th Annual Midwest March for Life will be held in Jefferson City and will feature guest speakers Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, and Dr. Vansen Wong, a former abortion provider. Activities begin at 8 a.m. with the March starting from the Selinger Center at 10 a.m. For a complete listing of the day's activities, click here or call 573.340.8444.

dividerProject Rachel & Project Joseph

The services of Project Rachel and Project Joseph are available to anyone who has been wounded by an abortion experience and is seeking healing. Services include: free, confidential, professional counseling, monthly spiritual support group meetings, healing retreats, spiritual direction, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.Click here to learn more.

Project Rachel Spiritual Support Group
Thursday, Jan. 19, 7:00 pm
Contact Marisol at 314.792.7451 or by email for details. 

Project Joseph Spiritual Support Group
Monday, Feb. 6, 7:00 pm
Contact Chuck at 314.974.6787 or by email for details.


In This Issue:

Board Bill 203

Waste, Abuse, and Potential Fraud Found In Planned Parenthood Audit

Pro-Life? Do This Easy Thing In 2017

Upcoming Events

dividerHelpers of God's Precious Infants

Join us for the next Mass at the Cathedral Basilica on Saturday, January 21, at 9:30 AM. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson
 will be the celebrant and lead the rosary walk to Planned Parenthood afterwards.
Click here for more information.


(Students Tackling Abortion Realities Today)

January is off to a great start! We have recently brought Right START to Christ, Prince of Peace, St. Peter-St. Charles, St. Francis Borgia, Our Lady of the Pillar, St. Monica, St. Bridget of Kildare, and St. Anthony. For more information about Right START, click here.

If you would like to register, or learn more about teaching Right START this year, contact Terry at


Did you know?

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated Sunday, January 22, as Sanctity of Human Life Day. In his proclamation, he stated: "The values and freedoms we cherish as Americans rest on our fundamental commitment to the sanctity of human life. The first of the 'unalienable rights' affirmed by our Declaration of Independence is the right to life itself, a right the Declaration states has been endowed by our Creator on all human beings — whether young or old, weak or strong, healthy or handicapped."


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 Bouquet Of Life
If you know a pregnant person, visit the Bouquet of Life located near the votive candles at the back of church. Take a rose, tie a name card on it. Write mother’s/father’s name and baby’s due date on the card. Place the rose it in the vase. Parishioners are asked to pray for these unborn babies and their families. When your baby is born you may take the rose and give it to the family for their child’s Baptism Day.

Mass & Rosary
Every 3rd Saturday Cathedral Basilica at 8:00 am
Did you know that abortions are performed only 8 blocks away from our Cathedral Basilica? First reactions to this might be outrage or sadness. Rather, this close proximity of good and evil is a great opportunity for hope and change. Helpers of God’s Precious Infants can help to make this happen. On the third Saturday of every month, you are invited to the 8:00 am Mass and prayer vigil at the Cathedral Basilica. After Mass the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for Adoration. All who are able are invited to pray the rosary during a peaceful procession to the abortion facility at Forest Park and Boyle. Upon return to the Cathedral, all participate in Benediction. For more information call the Respect Life Apostolate at 314-792-7555.

Do you live with the pain of an abortion?
Do you still feel anger, guilt or sadness even though the abortion was years ago? You may think your actions could never be understood and certainly not able to be forgiven. These emotions are common results of abortion. Healing and forgiveness are possible through Project Rachel. Specially trained counselors can help you experience Christ’s peace.

Every 4th Thursday
Project Rachel Spiritual Support Group
7:00 pm (exceptions may orrur in dates, please go to to verify) 

Every 1st Monday
Project Joseph Spiritual Support Group
7:00 pm (exceptions may orrur in dates, please go to to verify)
Project Rachel and Project Joseph provide healing and hope to women and men wounded by abortion through the following: 
  • Free, confidential, professional counseling for anyone who has been wounded by an abortion experience.
  • Monthly spiritual support group meetings
  • Women's Retreats and Men's Retreats, based on the Entering Canaan model.
  • Spiritual Direction or Reconciliation 
To learn more about healing after abortion, 
please call (314)792-7565 
or e-mail or

MO Tax Credits for Pregnancy Resource Centers

In compliance with MO laws, the Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credit program allows taxpayers to claim a tax credit equal to 50% of their donations to a qualified center such as Birthright.  To be eligible, the donation total for the year must be at least $100.

This is not a deduction.  This is a credit.  Therefore, you do not have to itemize deductions to receive this credit.  For example if you donate $100 to Birthright, you will receive a credit of $50 on your MO Tax Return ($200 donation = $100 credit, etc.)  The amount of the claimed tax credit may not exceed the amount of the taxpayer’s MO income tax liability for the year the credit is being claimed.

Birthright of Hillsboro (636)789-3518 will supply you with the application & will submit all the info to MO.  MO will then send you the credit to use on your income tax return.