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Century Club

St. Paul Century Club
$100 Annual Membership
The Men's club invites you to join the Century Club.  This is a members' only lottery with NO duties or obligations.  Memberships are $100 annually and you do NOT have to be a member of the Men's Club or a parishioner of St. Paul Parish to join.  The 12-month membership and awards cycle is from March to February.  Additionally, if you re-sign your annual $100 membership before or at the Grand Prize Gala Dinner, you will also be entered into an Early Bird Prize Reward.
What you get for joining...
First, you get 19 chances to win up to $3,200 in Cash Rewards.  Second, a wonderful night out at our Century Club Grand Prize Gala Dinner for you and a guest (a $50 value alone).  Third, all profits are used for supporting St. Paul Parish and School. So, your membership does many worthwhile things.
Below is a better breakdown of what all comes with a membership:
1. 19 Chances to Win $3,200 in Cash Rewards*
    > 12 - $100    Monthly Rewards
    >   5 - $100    Gala Dinner Rewards
    >   1 - $500    Gala Dinner 2nd Place Reward
    >   1 - $1,000 Gala Dinner Grand Prize Reward
2. Gala Dinner - Wonderful Night Out for Two (a $50 value alone)    
    > Buffet Dinner
    > Open Bar
    > Entertainment
    > Prize Drawings
    > Community & Friendship
3. Great Way to help support St. Paul Parish and School
    > 3rd largest Men's Club fundraiser
    > All proceeds benefit Parish needs
* You do NOT have to be present to win & you are eligible to win in every drawing
* You do NOT have to be a member of St. Paul's Parish or St. Paul Men's Club
How it works:
For a $100 annual membership you get all the above.
The 12 month membership and awards cycle is from March to February.
The monthly drawings take place at the Men's Club Meeting which is the first Monday of each month.  Winners will be notified by phone and you will see the announcement in the Bulletin.  
The Century Club Grand Prize Gala Dinner is held on the first Friday of February. The Gala Dinner Rewards and the Early Bird Prize Reward drawings all occur at the Grand Prize Gala Dinner.
For more information or to join please contact:
Ed Gapsch 314-803-2536 or

Thank you for supporting St. Paul.