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Starting at Romaine Creek Road and Highway 141;
East on an imaginary extension of Romaine Creek Road to the Meramec River;
North along the Meramec River to Mentz Hill Road;
Northeast on Mentz Hill Road (west side) to Kennerly Road;
West on Kennerly Road (south side) and crossing Highway 30 (Gravois)
To Weber Hill Road;
Northwest on Weber Hill Road (south side) to Rott Rd.
North on Rott Road (west side) to Geyer road;
North on Geyer Road (west side) to I-44;
West on I-44 (south side) to Bowles Avenue;

South on Bowles Avenue (east side) to Hawkins Road;
West on Hawkins Road (south side) to New Sugar Creek Road;
South on New Sugar Creek Road (east side) and across Highway 30 (Gravois) to Old Sugar Creek Road;

South on Old Sugar Creek Road (east side) to Diehl Rd.
East on Diehl Road (north side) to Saline Road;
'Continuing East on Saline Road (north side) to Romaine Creek Road;
Continuing East on Romaine Creek Road (north side) to Highway 141.