Parish History 1959 ->>>

Under Construction
but slowly being built

Many of the following highlights 
were gleaned from back issues of the Parish Bulletins.
(If you did not read it then, you can read it now!)

 1958 With the invitation of Bishop Lussier, the Cathedral was painted
and new furniture was installed 
• 106 baptisms,   31 Marriages,   9 Funerals,   78 Confirmations
 1959 • 109 Baptisms,   16 Marriages,   18 Funerals,   8 Confirmations
 1960June 26: New bells were blessed 
• 117 Baptisms,   28 Marriages,   17 funerals,   124 Confirmations
 1961• 117 Baptisms,   23 Marriages,   30 Funerals,   115 Confirmations
 1962October 11:    Start of the Second Vatican Council 
• 113 Baptisms,   25 Marriages,   21 Funerals,   120 Confirmations
 1963June 3: Death of Pope John XXIII (Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli) 
June 21: Election of Pope Paul VI  (Giovanni Battista Montini)
• 116 Baptisms,    19 Marriages,   19 Funerals,  101 Confirmations
 1964• 123 Baptisms,  24 Marriages,  26 Funerals,   6 Confirmations 
 1965December 8: Conclusion of Second Vatican Council 
• 92 Baptisms,  28 Marriages,  15 Funerals,  95 Confirmations
1966 • 61 Baptisms,  32 Marriages,  28 Funerals,  102 Confirmations
 1967 • 88 Baptisms,  45 Marriages,  31 Funerals,  109 Confirmations
1968August 26: Bishop Lussier resigns as Bishop of St. Paul 
• 77 Baptisms,  29 Marriages, 31 Funerals,  89 Confirmations
 1969February 19: Bishop Edouard Gagnon PSS appointed Bishop of St. Paul 
March 25: Bishop Gagnon PSS consecrated Bishop of St. Paul
• 60 Baptisms,  38 Marriages,  31 Funerals,  112 Confirmations
 1970• 75 Baptisms,  36 Marriages,  15 Funerals,  118 Confirmations




January 17:  Members of the Parish Council:  Ray Kotowich, Presidet,
Paul Marchand, Vice-President, Lorraine Joly, Secretary, Tillie Mailloux, Peter Vaitkunas, Marcel Joly, Aimé VanBrabant, Soeur, Camiré a.s.v.,
and Roger Larochelle 
February 7:  Decision by the Parish Council - the fees for Marriages and Funerals will be $25 – $5 for the priest and $20 for the parish
June 13:  The Sacred Heart Program is broadcast on CJCA Radio,
Sundays at 7:15 p.m.
September 26:  Welcome to Fr. Paul Simard as Assistant to the Parish
December 19: Concert by "Les Musicos: at Racette School
• 66 Baptisms,  23 Marriages, 19 Funerals,  104 Confirmations




May 3: Bishop Raymond Roy appointed Fourth Bishop of St. Paul
May 9: Bishop Gagnon left St. Paul 
July 18:  Bishop Raymond Roy was ordained in St. Bonicace as Bishop of St. Paul
July 27: Bishop Raymond Roy was installed as Bishop of St. Paul;.  Half the Sunday collection of June 25 was given as a gift to him on the occasion of his installation as Bishop of St. Paul
September 8: Profession of Perpetual Vows of Sisters Juliette Généreux and Jeanine and Jeanette de Moissac
October 15:   SERENA presentation at Racette Cafeteria
 (Service for the Regulation of Natality)
• 36 Baptisms,  32 Marriages, 18 Funerals,  119 Confirmations



February 13 & 19: Repeat presentation of the Man Alive series on CBC television —  "Life Before Birth"
April 8: Ukrainian Male Chorus concert with the "Cheremosh Dancers" at Racette School, sponsored by the Ukrainian Catholc Parish
April 18 - 20: "Christian Encounter for Men" presented by Bishop Roy,
Fr. Martineau and a group of Men,
on the occasion of the 25th Anniversry of the Diocese of St. Paul
June 9 & 10:  "Les Musicos" Spring Concert at Racette School
June 30: Fiftieth Anniversary of Marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Omer Joly
July 8:  Farewell Mass followed by a  luncheon and social hour
for Fr. Martineau and Fr. Croteau
June 10:  Confirmation Celebration
September 9:  Fr. Robert Poulin is installed by Bishop Raymond Roy
as Rector of the Cathedral during the 11 o'clock mass
September 16:  Parish Team consists of Rev. Robert Poulin, Fr. Paul E. Simard, Rev. Marcel Croteau, Rev. A Houde and Sr. A.M. Mireault
October 14: Paul Boulianne is hired as caretaker of the church
November 4: 25th Anniversary of the Diocese — Mass and Supper
November 27: Parish Visitation completed — 734 homes visited
• 41 Baptisms,  18 Marriages,   22 Funerals (no Confirmations recorded)




January 27: Inter-Faith Religious Service to pray for Christian Unity
February 1 - 3: A Marriage Encounter  Weekend is offered in St. Paul
by a team from Edmonton 
February 1;  "Pro Life Day" - Presentation featuring a member of Brithright, Theresa Ann Parson (President, Voice of the Unborn),
and Dr. Bernard Brosseau (M.D., Bonnyville)
March 3:  A firm from Edmonton has been hired to install a new P.A. System in the Cathedral - promised within 90 days
May 5:  First Communion Celebration at both masses
May 5:  The organ has been repaired - it should be in tune for some time
May 19:  Four Sisters of the Assumption celebrate the 50th Anniversary
of their religious profession
May 26:  Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting in Thorhild
May 31:  Ordination of Fr. Victor Bureau, and Solemn Vows of his sister, Rosella,  in LaCorey
August 18:  Pilgrimage at Mount St. Joseph, Gurneyville
October 13: Fête Des Malades - Celebration for the Sick
November 18:  K of C  Memorial Service, after the evening mass
December 8 to 15:  Parish Retreat - 600 Parishioners participated
Dec. 15: New Members on the Parish Council - Mrs. A Jacques,
Miss Gratton, Mr. Ed Kubash and Mr. J.P. Bielech
Dec. 15:   Les Musicos Concert at Racette School
•  57 Baptisms,   28 Marriages,    20 Funerals,   52 Confirmations




Jubilee Year 

February 2:  Reminder of Jay-Walking Bylaw - it applies to the front of the Church on Sundays and on Weekdays
April 27:  Parish Celebration
•in Thanksgiving for the 30 Religious Sisters  who pray for and with us;
• the 75th Anniversary of the  arrival of the Sisters of the Assumption
in St. Paul;
• the 60th  Anniversary of Sr. Florina Bellerose;
•the 50th Anniversary of Sr. Etiennette Camiré
• and the 25th Anniversary of St. Antoinnette Trudel, Sr. Marie-Jenanne Prince  and Sr. Henriette Beaudoin
August 31:  Decision made by Parish Council to change the furnace in the Cathedral  (the furnace was installed in October)
October 5:  Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting in Thorhild
November 9: Celebration for the Sick
November 30:  Visit of Bishop Aruldas James, Bishop of Ootacamund, India to St. Paul, to thank the Sisters of Precious Blood for their support
December 21:  Les Musicos Christmas Concert
December 21:  New Parish Council members: Cécile Routhier,
N. Charpentier, R Amyotte;  other members: Ed Noel, President, Ed Kubash, Vice Chairman, Sr. A.-M. Mireault, Secretary, Mrs. Louise Belland,
Mrs. Anita Jacques, Miss Maria Gratton, Sr. Antoinette Trudel,
Mr. G. Fagnan, Mr. J.P. Bielich,  Fr. P. Simard, Fr. M Croteau, Fr. B Smiglak
December 21:  Les Musicos Christmas Concert
•  57 Baptisms,  20 Marriages,   21 Funerals,  8 Adult Confirmations





January 21: Ecumenical Prayer Vigil (for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity)
March 28:  "Bean Supper" for Development and Peace
May 16:  Confirmations cancelled for this year - only 3 candidates
June 6: Thank you  note from Bishop Aruldas James from Ooctamund, India for $1191 received from St. Paul
June 14:  Annual Les Blés D'Or Concert
August 15-20:  ALPEC Liturgical Session (session d'animation liturgique)
October 17:  Visit by Bishop Lussier to the Parish at the 11 o'clock mass, following a retreat he preached at the monastary)
October 30: Harvest Celebration
October 29-31:  Mariage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul
November 7:  Parish Council News -
- a new blower and other repairs to the organ at a cost of $3,800
- a name for the downstairs hall is being sought
- a new baptistry will be built in the style of the sanctuary furniture
November 28:  announcement that Le Père Ludovic Larose omi,
former pastor, passed away this week, at the age of 96
December 19:  Parish Council has named  the "Larose Hall" in the basement of the church and the Baudoux room in the basement of the rectory (after the builders of both places)
 • 46 Baptisms,  27 Marriages, 22 Funerals (no Confirmations recorded)



January 9:  Three new members of the Parish Council - Bernadette Joly, Sophie Chamberlain and Anita Kabyn

January 16:
 The new baptistry is completed: drawn up by the Architect J.L. Poulin, built by E. Généreux, W. Kotowich and A. Joly, enlightened by Sunlight Electric and carpeted by Marty Sader

March 2 & 3:
Joe Wise Music Workshop and Liturgy session

May 8:
 Les Musicos Spring Concert with the participaton of Les Blés D'Or and the Ukrainian Folk Dancers

May 13-15:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul
July 3:  Bulletin Items:
-The "Cry Room" and "Reconciliation Room"  might be ready in a few weeks
- St. Brides Parish celebrates their 50- th anniversary next weekend
- the 7 Alberta Bishops will meet in St. Paul for their annual meeting

July 17:
 Bishop Roy celebrates his 5th anniversary of Episcopal Ordination and Sr. Létourneau sgm celebrates 25 years of religious life

July 27:
25th Anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of the Precious Blood
 in St. Paul  (1952 to 1977)

July 31:
 The Cry Room and Reconciliation Room are now operational

September 12:
 The Parish Council approved the study of the possibility of building a Parish Hall in St. Paul

October 2:
 Synod of Bishops (on Religious Education) meeting in Rome.  Five Canadians are among the 200 bishops from around the world

November 11 - 13:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul

• 53 Baptisms,  19 Marriages,  22 Funerals,  3 Adult Confirmations 



February 19:  Parish Council voted unanimously in favor of removing the communion rail

March 8-10:
 Retreat for Couples at the Bishop's Residence

March 10-12:
Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul

March 16-18:
Retreat for Couples (in French)

April 16:
 After 26 years of presence in St. Paul, it is announced that the Sisters of Precious Blood are leaving St. Paul (four in April and the remaining 3 in June)

April 23:
the idea of a Parish Centre has been shelved.  
Such a building would cost $200,000 and the
 Diocese is not interested in investing such a large sum of money

May 7:
Les Musicos Spring Concert

August 6:
Death of Pope Paul VI

August 26:
Election of Pope John Paul I (Albino Lucianno)

September 1:
Fr. Rolland Bissonnette appointed as Rector of Cathedral;
Fr. Robert Poulin is assigned to Fort McMurray in the Diocese of Fort Smith

September 1:
 Mr. Boulianne retires as caretaker and Sacristan

September 28:
Death of Pope John Paul I

October 16:
Election of Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla)

December 1-3:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend (in French)

December 24 & 25:
 All the Christmass masses are bilingual

• 58 Baptisms,  32 Marriages,   27 Funerals,  88 Confirmations 




January 14 Bulletin:  Parish Council Members are as follows:  Ed Hefner, President, Ray Jean, Vice President, Sr. Mireault, Secretary, Anita Kabyn, Jules Van Brabant, Sophie Chamberland, Bernadette Joly, Sr, G Leroux,
P-E Boivert, René Sénécal, Colette Foisy, Jules Rocque

January 26-28:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul

February 16-18:
Retreat for Girls (16 and older)

March 23-25:
Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul (in French)

March 30 - April 1:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul (in English)

May 6:
 Les Musico Concert (proceeds for Mother Teresa)

May 19:
 Jubilee Celebrations of the Sisters of Assumption:  
Sr. Blanche Pruneau (65 years), Sr. Ernestine Moreau (60 years),
Sr. Laurette Pratte (50 years)

June 9:
 50th Anniversary of the Knights of Columbus in St. Paul

August 18-19:
 Festivities in honour of the 125t Anniversary of the Sisters of Assumption from Nicolet and 80th Anniversayry of the Sisters from St. Paul

October 22:
Slide Presentation presented by the Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart and Mary Immaculate of St. Boniface on the 75 anniversary of their foundation

November 4:
 Two young Vietnamese refugees have been welcomed in the rectory, sponsored by the Parish  (Tuan and Sinh, from Saigon City, via the Malaysian Refugee Camps)

November 18:
 Bishop James thanks the parishioners of St. Paul for their generosity.
(the parish donated $11,805 to his diocese in India)

November 16-18:
 Marriage Encounter weened (in French)

November 30-December 2:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend (in English)
December 16:  Parish Council Members:  Ed Hefner, President,
Raymond Jean, Vice President, Sr. Anne-Marie Mireault, Secretary,
Jules Van Brabant, René Sénécal, Paul-Emile Boisvert, Edward Belland, Maurice Plante,  Jules Rocque, Carmen Lambert, Sr. Annette Labbé,
Sr. Irène Lefebvre, Kelly Kuziw

• 58 Baptisms,  34 Marriages,  27 Funerals,  68 Confirmations 




January 13: renovations of the Larose Hall have started (at an estimated  cost of $30,000) - to mark the 50th anniversary of the building of he Cathedral

February 1-3:
 Retreat for young Girls (at the Bishop's Residence)

February 8-10:  
Marriage Encounter Weekend (in French)

February 22-24:
 C.W.L. Retreat, preached by Bishop Roy (at the Bishop's Residence)

February 28 - March 2:
Marriage Encounter Weekend (in English)

March 6:
 The Sor Heng family of five (from Cambodia) are welcomed
to St. Paul by the St. Paul Refuge Committee

March 9:
Roger Sicotte was ordained to the Diaconate

March 9:
 Thanks to the K.C.'s and the Club Dollard for the donation of $25,000 for the renovations to the Larose Hall

March 23:
 Bean supper (proceeds to Development and Peace)

April 23-25:
Parish Retreat preached by Bishop Roy

May 17:
Jubilee Mass for the Sisters of Assumption - Sr. Florina Bellerose (65 years), Sr. Berthe Pigeon (50 years) and Sr. Catherine Lortie (50 years)

June 4:
the Sareung Kong refugee family of 8 arrived in St. Paul

August 22:
Ordination of Fr. Roger Sicotte (in St. Boniface MB)

August 24:
Farewell Party for Fr. Paul Simard and Fr. Marcel Croteau

September 7:
Welcome (back) to Fr. Roger Sicotte and Fr. Edmond Croteau

September 14:
a warm welcome is extended to the faithful of St. Edouard who are now part of the Cathedral Parish family

September 28:
 Synod of Bishops in Rome begins - on "the Family"

November 14-16:
 Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul

December 27:
 Fiftieth Anniversary Open House for Mr. & Mrs. Elzéar Hurtubise - the first couple married in the Cathedral

December 8:  Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Mass
celebrated at the Cathedral

• 78 Baptisms,  26 Weddings, 19 Funerals, 60 Confirmations




February 8:  Bean Supper, proceeds to Development and Peace
February 28 to March 7: Parish Retreat, preached by Fr. Oliva Gadouas omi
March 13-15: Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul
March 22:  Vocation Day, sponsored by Knights of Columbus;
Family Breakfast with Gérard Gauthier, seminarian, speaker
April 11: Les Blés D'Or Annual Concert
April 24-26: C.W.L. Retreat, preached by Fr. Michael Troy C.Ss.P
May 18: Golden Jubilee of Sr. Gertrude Lafond, Cathedral sacristan
June 14: 25th Anniversary of Ordination of Fr. Maurice Joly, omi
September 15, 16, 17: Sr. Annette Potvin sgm presented workshops in preparation for the Bible Studies Series on St. Luke, Acts. and St. John
October 21: Liturgical Celebration for the Handicapped
(part of the International Year of the Handicapped)
November 6-8: Carey Landry Liturgical Music Workshop
November 20-22: Marriage Encounter Weekend in St. Paul
 the former St. Edouard Parish Church is renovated and transformed
into the St. Edouard Renewal Centre
• 45 Baptisms, 40 Weddings, 20 Funerals, 63 Confirmations 




January 6: Ordination to the Diaconate of  Gérard Gauthier, at St. Edouard Renewal Centre
January 10:  Official Blessing and Tour of St. Edouard Renewal Centre
From the Census:  3,375 Catholics in St. Paul — 52% of the population
January 31: Catholic Literature Campaign, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus
March 5-7: Closed Retreat on Prayer at St. Edouard Renewal Centre
March 7:  A Parish Information Pamphlet is distributed with the bulletin
March 14: Family Ski-doo party at St. Vincent
March 21: St. Paul Pro-Life Meeting
March 27:  The French C.B.C. T.V. station televises the mass
March 27: Fr. Bissonnette departs for a 3 month study period in Montreal
March 27: 9th Annual Dance Show presented by Les Blés D'Or at Racette School
April 4:  Due to frost damage, there were no palms for Palm Sunday
May 6: Senior Citizens' Day - Mass at 11 followed by dinner
and an Audio-Visual Presentation on Mother Teresa
May 11: Start of the Pilgrimage to Lourdes
June 3&4:  Les Blés D'Or in Concert at Racette School
May 29 & 30:  Confirmation Celebrations
June 13: Clergy Appointments are announced:
- Fr. Léonard Derome to Vimy & Waugh
- Fr. Louis Viel to Clyde and Tawatinaw
Fr. Roger Guérin to Boyle, Properity & Caslan
- Fr. Matthias Lugowski to Thorhild, Radway, Egremont & Warspite
- Monsignor Joseph Kochan to Vilna and Smoky Lake
- Fr. Victor Bureau to Plamondon, Atmore & Breynat
- Fr. Jean-Luc Pigeon - to Lafond & Elk Point
- Maurice McMahon omi will serve Brosseau
- Fr. Rosario Grondin will serve Rochester
- Fr. Edmond Croteau  will serve Flat Lake
- Gérard Gauthier assigned to St. Paul, Fort McMurray
(at the Cathedral until July 7)
June 25: Visit of Mother Teresa of Calcutta to St. Paul 
July 7:  Fr. Bissonnette returns from his study leave
July 18: Bishop Roy's 10th anniversary to the Episcopate
August 27: Ordination of Fr. Gérard Gauthier (in Boyle)
September 5:  After 10 years at the Cathedral, Fr. Paul Simard returns to Quebec
September 20 to 24: Parish Renewal Session for the priests of the diocese
October 29-31:  "Search for Christian Maturity" Weekend
for youth at St. Edouard Renewal Centre (71 participants)
1982: Tricentenary of the Sisters of Charity of Notre-Dame d"Evron
54 Baptisms, 33 Weddings, 19 Funerals, 61 Confirmations




January 7:  First Friday Adoration from 2 to 5 p.m.
January 24-25:  ALPEC Session
January 30:  Annual St. Paul Pro Life Meeting - Speaker - Gerard Liston
February 4-6: PreMarriage Course
March 13, 20 & 27:  Three Lenten Sessions presented by Bishop Roy
March 6: Family Fun Day
March 25: Opening Mass for the Holy Year
March 27 & 28:  Live Way of the Cross
April 10: Congratulations to the Sisters of Charity of N.D. d'Evron
for 300 years of Service to the Church
April 22-24: Parish Renewal Weekend (in French)  at St. Edouard
May 1: Clergy Appointments: effective August 15
Fr. Armand Beaupré, Pastor of St. Emile, Legal 
Fr. Rolland Bissonette, Pastor St. Louis, Bonnyville
Fr. Henri Bois - Sabbatical Year  (Sept. 1)
Fr. Victor Bureau - Sabbatical Year 
Fr. Marcel Croteau, Administrator of Grande Centre 
Fr. Réal Levasseur, Mallaig, Ste. Lina & Goodridge  (Sept. 1)
Fr. Roger Sicotte, Plamondon, Atmore & Breynat 
Fr. Rosario Simard, Assistant at Bonnyville 
Fr. Hervé Tanguay Rectory of the Cathedral 
May 15: 50th Anniversary of Sr. Anne Marie Mireault's Religious Profession
May 20-23: Men's Cursillo in Fort McMurray
May 22:  Prayers for the "Fruit of the Earth"
at the cross-road cross at Magella Pelchat's farm
May 23-27: Priests' Annual Retreat
May 24:  25th Anniversary of Ordination of Fr. Rolland Bissonnette
June 5: Sister Hilda Kraft is leaving the Community of St. Paul
due to ill-health
June 12: Special collection for the Papal Visit to Canada in 1984
June 30 - July 3: Women's Cursillo in Fort McMurray
July 2: Mr. & Mrs. Camille Charron celebrate 60 years of marriage
July 10: Fr. William George Young, deceased at the age of 75, 
(pastor of St. Brides from 1952 to 1958)
July 17: Flat Lake - Mount Carmel Parish Picnic
August 21:  "Did You Know"  Bishop Edouard Gagnon, formerly of St. Paul was appointed pro-president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, (succeeding James Cardinal Knox of Australia) is named Archbishop
August 21:  Fr. Hervé Tanguay is welcomed as Rector of the Cathedral
September 16-18:  Marriage Preparation Course
September 18:  Bishop Raymond Roy is with the Alberta Bishops for their Ad Limina Visit to the Tombs of Peter and Paul in Rome (every five years)
October 28-30:  Search for Christian Maturity Weekend at St. Edouard
November 14: Renovations of the old rectory begins (the Grey Nuns are in residence at the Convent of the Assumption Sisters during the renovations)
November 25:  The New Code of Canon Law comes into effect
December 7-15:  Pilgrimage in Hour of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
lead by Fr. Antonio Duhaime omi
December 23:  Distribution of Christmas Hampers,
coordinated by the Knights of Columbus
• 85 Baptisms, 37 Weddings, 15 Funerals, 50 Confirmations 
1984September 9 to 20: First Visit of Pope John Paul II to Canada 
September 16 & 17: Visit of Pope John Paul II to Edmonton
• 97 Baptisms, 28 Weddings, 19 Funerals, 41 Confirmations
 1985 October: New church organ purchased
• 68 Baptisms, 27 Weddings, 36 Funerals, 53 Confirmations
1986 Four new stained glass windows installed in the sanctuary:
St. Paul, Marguerite d'Youville, Our Lady of Assumption and St. Joseph 
August 22:  Arrival of the Missionaries of Charity in St. Paul
October 9: Death of Bishop Philippe Lussier C.Ss.R.
• 71 Baptisms, 16 Weddings, 31 Funerals, 80 Confirmations
 1987Year of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
September 20:  Visit of Pope John Paul to Fort Simpson, NWT
• 45 Baptisms, 25 Weddings, 19 Funerals, 51 Confirmations
 1988July 1: Death of Archbishop Maurice Baudoux D.D.
New roof installed on Cathedral 
• 65 Baptisms, 19 Weddings, 13 Funerals, 59 Confirmations
1989 • 53 Baptisms, 28 Weddings, 24 Funerals, 58 Confirmations 
 1990 A new P.A. system was installed in Cathedral to replace the old system
• 29 Baptisms, 16 Weddings, 21 Funerals, 67 Confirmations
 1991June 28: Ordination of Fr. Anthony O'Riordan 
• 68 Baptisms, 21 Weddings, 30 Funerals, 71 Confirmations
 1992• 65 Baptisms, 21 Weddings, 41 Funerals, 61 Confirmations 
 1993January 22: Ordination of Fr. Tuyen Peter Tran
June 5: Ordination of Fr. Kim Hong Nguyen
September: the first of 10 stained glass windows installed in Cathedral 
• 75 Baptisms, 19 Weddings, 30 Funerals. 58 Confirmations
1994October 26: Blessing of Doors marks end of major renovations to Cathedral
• 56 Baptisms, 21 Weddings, 39 Funerals, 84 Confirmations 
1995• 64 Baptisms, 26 Weddings, 41 Funerals, 61 Confirmations 
 1996• 63 Baptisms, 18 Weddings, 30 Funerals, 58 Confirmations 
 1997Year of Jesus Christ
March 25: Bishop Thomas Collins named Coadjutor Bishop of St. Paul
May 14: Bishop Thomas Collins consecrated Bishop of St. Paul
June 30: Bishop Raymond Roy retires
June 30: Bishop Thomas Collins installed as 5th Bishop of St. Paul
42 Baptisms, 27 Weddings, 31 Funerals, 54 Confirmations
1998Year of the Holy Spirit
May 18:
Ordination of Fr. James McHugh by Bishop Thomas Collins
November: Baby Grand Piano installed in Cathedral 
• 56 Baptisms, 18 Weddings, 34 Funerals, 61 Confirmations
 1999Year of God the Father
Feb. 18: Bishop Collins appointed Coadjutor ArchBishop of Edmonton
• Fr. Walter Laliberty named Diocesan Administrator
June 7: Bishop Colins succeeded to the See of Edmonton 
• 57 Baptisms,  19 Weddings, 37 Funerals, 50 Confirmations
 2000The Great Jubilee Year
• 57 Baptisms, 19 Weddings, 26 Funerals, 60 Confirmations

 2001November 9: Bishop Luc Bouchard Ordained and Installed
as 6th Bishop of St. Paul
• 32 Baptisms, 21 Weddings, 28 Funerals, 57 Confirmations
2002June 14: Ordination of Fr. Martin Jubinville
(Fr. Martin was appointed assistant at the Cathedral)
July 23 to 28: Visit of Pope John Paul II  for World Youth Day in Toronto 
• 44 Baptisms, 15 Weddings, 33 Funerals, 46 Confirmations
2003• Fr. Martin Jubinville appointed assistant in Fort McMurray
June 25: Death of Bishop Raymond Roy; buried in St. Paul Cemetery 
• 42 Baptisms, 15 Funerals 38 Funerals, 43 Confirmations
 2004• 42 Baptisms, 13 Weddings, 30 Funerals, 44 Confirmations 
2005April 2: Death of Pope John Paul II 
April 19: Election of Pope Benedict XVI  (Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger)
• 32 Baptisms 17 Weddings, 37 Funerals, 39 Confirmations
 2006December 27; Pastoral Letter on the Restored Order of the Sacraments
• 31 Baptisms, 16 Weddings, 31 Funerals, 73 Confirmations 
 2007June 22: Ordination of Fr. Mario Jubinville and Fr. Andrew Schoenberger by Bishop Luc Bouchard  (Fr. Andrew appointed assistant in Fort McMurray and Fr. Mario appointed assistant in Bonnyville)
June 29: Ordination to Permanent Diaconate by Bishop Luc Bouchard
(Raymond Chan, Walter Desjarlais, Joseph McMorrow, Patrick Murphy,
Jerry Metz, Terry Olsen, Ernie Sehn and John Woodcock) 
July 1: Fr. Roger Sicotte appointed Pastor of St. Jean Baptiste, Morinville; and Fr. Paul Moses Chakkalackal, cmi appointed Rector of the Cathedral
August 25: Death of Cardinal Edouard Gagnon PSS
September: Implementation of the Restored Order of the Sacraments
• 45 Baptisms, 13 Weddings, 42 Funerals, 79 Confirmations
 2008June 28: Opening of the Year of St. Paul 
October 14: Death of Msgr. Hervé Tanguay, in Quebec, aged 82 years
• 36 Baptisms, 18 Weddings, 36 Funerals, 35 Confirmations
 2009June 19: Opening of the Year of the Priest 
June 29: Conclusion of the Year of St. Paul
• 26 Baptisms, 18 Weddings, 42 Funerals, 35 Confirmations
 2010April 29: Bishop Luc Bouchard suffered a stroke
June 11: Conclusion of the Year of the Priest (Outdoor mass at Racette School,  Presided by Bishop Luc Bouchard, Homily by Fr. Gérard Gauthier, BBQ lunch hosted by the Knights of Columbus and C.W.L. afterward)
June 28: Fr. Paul Moses Chakkackal, cmi returns to Madagscar
and Fr. Vitus Ikeme, smmm appointed Rector of Cathedral
• 34 Baptisms, 17 Weddings, 29 Funerals, 23 Confirmations
 2011May 3: Opening of Catholic Bible Days for the Diocese
May 19: Fr. Gilbert Dasna, smmm appointed parochial vicar at the Cathedral
June 6 & 7: Catholic Bible Days sessions held in St. Paul
• 43 Baptisms,  13 Weddings, 22 Funerals, 39 Confirmations






Feb. 1: Fr. Gérard Gauthier appointed Rector of Cathedral Parish 
Feb. 2: Bishop Luc Bouchard named Bishop of Trois-Rivières, QC
March 16:  Farewell Supper and Mass for Bishop Luc Bouchard
March 26: Bishop Luc Bouchard installed as Bishop of Trois-Rivières, QC
June 29:  Ordination of Fr. Francis of Assisi Khai Quoc Duc Phan
and Fr.
Thomas Dieu Hoang Nguyen by Bishop Luc Bouchard
October 11: Year of Faith begins (anniversary of Opening of Vatican II)
December 12: Paul Terrio Ordained as 7th Bishop of St. Paul
• 32 Baptisms, 13 Weddings, 45 Funerals, 37 Confirmations
 2013 February 28: Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
March 13: Election of Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
May:  Lower windows replaced in the Cathedral
September 14: Diocesan Youth Gathering at the Cathedral
November 24: Conclusion of the Year of Faith






May 9: Fr. Gilbert Dasna smmm, (assistant at the Cathedral and Pastor of Sacred Heart in Saddle Lake and St. Matthias in Goodfish Lake)  died today when he answered the rectory door around 6 p.m.  
Fr. Gilbert died in hospital soon afterward.
The assailant later shot himself in a police shootout on Main Street.  

May 16:
Prayer Vigil at the Cathedral presided by Fr. Gérard Gauthier

May 17:
Prayer Vigil at Sacred Heart Church, Saddle Lake,  presided by Fr. Peter Tran

May 18:
Funeral Prayers for Fr. Gilbert, presided by Fr. Gérard Gauthier

May 19:
Funeral Mass for Fr. Gilbert, presided by Bishop Paul Terrio

June 10:
Fr. Gilbert's body is flown to Nigeria for burial

June 18:
Vigil Mass for Fr. Gilbert Gatsou Kizito Dasna smmm 
at the Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy Generalate, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria

June 19:
 Funeral Mass for Fr. Gilbert at Holy Trinity Parish,
Umule-Ohuho, Umuahia, Abia Staste, Nigeria
followed by interment at the SMMM Noviatiate  Burial Ground
"May His Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace."

September 29:  Funeral for Fr. Hamilcar Blanco who died of a stroke
on September 25, 2014 at the age of 67 years (Burial in Boyle).

 The PVC piping in the rectory was replaced by copper piping as a preventative measure
since the PVC piping was showing evidence of deterioration





February 3:  L'Abbé André Semusambi arrived in the parish as assistant, especially for the Francophone masses.  Originally from the Congo, he spent two years in Rimouski before coming to the diocese.  He was welcomed to the parish on Feb. 7 & 8.

February 14:
 The "Feast Before the Fast" sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, held at the Senior's Centre.  This event, on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, will hopefully become an annual event.

April & May: Fundraiser for rectory renovations.
A large puzzle of the rectory was created.  Puzzle pieces were sold for $30 (or 4 for $100).
$30 was raised.  We applied for a grant from Alberta Historical Resources.

May 9:
 Blessing of Memorial Monument and Memorial Mass for Fr. Gilbert.

Rectory Renovations have begun -
siding on exterior walls were replaced where necessary.

June 8-12:
 Asbestos was removed from the heating pipes in the crawl space beneath the Cathedral at the cost of $25,179.   (shared with the Diocese).

June 25:
 Statues of St. Paul and St. Kateri Tekakwitha were installed outside the Cathedral.

 Rectory Painting has begun -
siding on exterior walls were sanded, primed and painted. 

August: the old shingles were removed and the rectory was re-shingled.

October 5:  Funeral for Fr. Roger Guérin who died on September 30, 2016 at the age of 83 years (Burial in Clyde).

December 7:  Opening Mass for the Year of Mercy.  
We gathered at the St. Paul Senior Citizen Centre, then processed to the Cathedral.  
Bishop Paul blessed the Door of Mercy and led the congregation into the Cathedral.

December 9: The Church Bells were repaired and attached to a digital timer.





The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 

was from January 18 to 25.

Monday, January 18 – at the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Tuesday, January 19 – at Sacred Heart Church in Saddle Lake

Wednesday, January 20 – at the St. Paul Cathedral

Thursday, January 21 – at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Friday, January 22 – at Racette School

Saturday, January 23 – at the St. Paul United Church

Sunday, January 24 – at the United Church in Good Fish Lake

The services are all at 7 p.m.  

A collection was taken each evening for the 

Columbus House of Hope (Women’s Shelter) 

March 2016 - Flooring in the rectory was replaced.  

The carpet from 1984 was replaced with rubberised flooring.

March 16 – Ordination of Michael Ngo to the Transitional Diaconate 

(in Bonnyville). 

April 15 — The Feast of St. Kateri was celebrated.

May 23 – Ordination of Raldy (Jhack) Diaz to the Transitional Diaconate. 

It was scheduled to be held at St. John the Baptist in Fort McMurray.  

Due to the fires that caused the evacuation of Fort McMurray residents, 

the ordination was held at the Cathedral.

May 2016 – A collection was taken on May 8 and 15 for the people of Fort McMurray.  

$16,175 was raised by the Cathedral Parish to support the parishes in Fort McMurray.

The fire started on May 1, caused the evacuation of all 90,000 residents.  

It was estimated to cover 589,995 hectares, including the Saskatchewan side, 

with a perimeter estimate of 996 kilometres.

June 2016 - The stairs to the bell tower were built, 

replacing the long aluminum ladder.

June 2016 - the soffits, fascia and easvestroughs were replaced.

August 26 – Funeral of Fr. Dario Abram, 

who died of heart failure on August 16, 2016 at the age of 75 years.

September 15 – Funeral of Fr. Lucien Morisette, 

who died of old age on September 8, 2016 at the age of 85 years.

September 21 – Ordination of Michael Ngo to the Presbyterate. 

December 8 – Ordination of Raldy (Jhack) Diaz to the Presbyterate