Knights of Columbus # 2715

 St. Paul Knights of Columbus E-mail Address

The Knights of Columbus of Grandin Council 2715

are honoured to be able to donate to the St. Paul Cathedral Parish Community

a state of the art “electronic billboard sign” for our Parish announcements,

activities and our church teachings.

We ask that you keep a close look at what it offers.

The Knights saw goodness that our forefathers 

(since 1929) be honoured and remembered

in building our Grandin Council 2715.

C’est un privilège pour nous, les Chevaliers de Colomb du Conseil Grandin 2715,

de faire le don d’un tableau d’affichage électronique à la Paroisse Cathédrale de St-Paul.

Celui-ci servira à annoncer les évènements et les activités de notre paroisse

ainsi que les enseignements de l’Église.

Par ce geste, nous, les Chevaliers de Colomb, 

croyons bon d’honorer nos prédécesseurs qui,

en 1929, ont établi le Conseil Grandin 2715 ici à St-Paul.

Nous vous encourageons tous à garder un œil sur ce tableau électronique

afin d`être au courant de tous les événements et activités de notre paroisse.




KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Christmas Hamper Report

Brother Knights, Dear Ladies, Families and friends and all helpers
The 2015 Knights of Columbus  Christmas Hamper is now completed.
On Sunday Dec 20, 2015, .....172 families of 183 hampers were blessed with a beautiful Christmas meal.
The discrepancy lies where (some people did not pick up their hampers at the hall
and some were absent during the assigned time at their home . WE quickly made new hampers
to people who were last minute recipients and the remainder went to Mother Teresa Sisters.
Santa’s Elves from Regional High School under the direction of Dawn Robitaille
did a magnificent job by providing close to 350 wrapped gifts for all ages.
We also  had a successful campaign with funds totalling close to $ 9500.00.
The above is a big task but with the help of everyone, it was attainable with no problems.
We live in the right community (St Paul and surrounding district)
Our Youth had great presence and offered so much help. Hockey clubs,,
multi clubs,   light horse clubs ,  4 H Clubs  and others   ..along with their
representative and parents rendered the operation enjoyable at all levels (transferring of food,
opening and sortation of food, distribution of food into the hampers was done 80% by them.Thank you
To all our adult members who took their responsibilities and saw to its fulfilment and completion, thank you
Honorable mentions must go to operational team since Nov 26 , 2015
- the St Paul Senior Citizens Centre for the excellent facility for pick ups and delivery
- those who attended the organizational meeting
- those who placed hamper boxes in mall
- those who collected all card board boxes for the last few months
- those ladies  took the recipients names 
- those who picked the foods at the malls on their specified days
- the Coop Mall promotion along with the Food Bank  organized with Brian Labrie of Telus
- church “in pew” envelopes campaign along with bulletin advertisement
- all surrounding agencies who helped us in their respective ways
- schools, provincial building , sale agencies car dealers with collections of food and donations
- head ladies in the senior hall who overseen the smooth flow and operation of the operation
-our purchasing agents for the food hampers
- to all brother knight who always the right hand of the campaign.
And our DELIVERY CREWS.. Thanks 
and finally to our major contributors Festival of Carol Concert who
raised some $1100.00 towards our campaign . 
Please be a supporter and promoter of this fabulous pre Christmas event
held  approx. the second Sunday of December every year at the Cathedral .
They fill your hearts and soul with all kinds of Glorious music
Thank you to organizers and all participants and contributors
I apologies if if miss anyone ...let me know ....
On behalf of my family, and on behalf of the Knights of Columbus,
we wish to extend a Merry Christmas  and a blessed New Year to all
Herman and Brigitte Poulin




To whom it may concern – Greeting:


Whereas, it having been made known to the Officers of the Supreme Council of the

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS that a sufficient number of eligible men residing in the town

of St Paul in Province of Alberta – Dominion of Canada

have duly petitioned that they be granted a charter and authorized to organize and main-

tain a Council of the Knights of Columbus within said St Paul and it

appearing to be for the benefit of said Knights of Columbus, that their petition be granted,

therefore be it known that the duly authorized Officers of the Knights of Columbus,

by and with the consent of said Supreme Council hereby authorize and direct the

following named gentlemen to assemble and work as a regularly constituted Council

of the Knights of Columbus to be designated by the name


Grandin Council No. 2715


Rev. L. LaRose, Oscar Audette, Jos. A. Boivert, Edmond Bouchard, Donat Bougie, Pierre Benoit, Réné Charron,

Eugene Champagne, Albert Désaulniers, Ernest Desmarais, J. Alphonse Galland, Wilfred Généreux, Daniel Joyal,

J. Emile Lafrance, Cyrice Lafrance, Roch Landreville, J. Adrien Landry, Edmond Meunier, Ernest Prenevost, Jos. R. Trudel,

Adélard Roberge, Théophile Rocheleau, Albert St. Arnault, Jos. O. Tremblay, Hector Therrien, Godias Tardif, Jos. Gagnon,

J. Wm. Beaudry, Alphonse J. Brosseau, Marcel Brunelle, Ernest Chartrand, C. Napoleon Cyr, Ino. A. Delisle,

Dr. Willie Desrosiers, Jos. A. Fortier, Jacques E.Demers, Hector Fraser, Arthur Lafleur, J. Amable Lapierre, Israel Lepage,

J. Damase Leroux, Alfred U. Le Bel, Thos. Lessard, Hyacinthe Montambeault, Edmond Wm. Pigeau,

J. Edmond Primeau, Raoul Romillard, Jos. Emile Roy, J. Clovis Thérien, J. Alexandre Têtu.


And we do hereby Grant to said Brothers aforesaid to receive members and perform all

work of the Knights of Columbus agreeable to the usages of the Knights of Columbus

to exact from their members such fees as they shall judge necessary for the support

of their Council and the regular payments of all legal fees and assessments and to

observe with due respect all ordinances emanating from the Supreme Council of the

Knights of Columbus


In Testimony Whereof We have hereunto affixed our names under the seal of the Supreme Council.


Attest.  Martin H. Carmody, Supreme Knight

Given this thirtieth day of June 1929.

Wm. J. McGinley  Supreme Secretary

The original charter of the Knights of Columbus hangs in LaRose Hall.