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As a result of this months extreme weather conditions, I thought I would make you aware of the schools policies and procedures relating to sport here at the college and also representative sport.

In the case of extreme heat during sport, a variety of procedures are put in place to ensure that the safety of each student is maintained. Firstly, if the heat is deemed too extreme for sport, the College Executive will call off sport and an alternate program followed during the normal sport afternoon. The Parramatta CEO will also send out directives relating to sport in these circumstances. 

For external sports, staff make sure that each student has frequent rest brakes and drink breaks. All of these sports are run in indoor facilities. The only external sport that needs specific consideration which is tennis. Here the students have plenty of shade to have frequent rest breaks and they also have access to plenty of water. 

Sports which are run on school premises, minimal playing time is enforced so that no student is outside for an extended period of time. If the weather is too extreme, each activity is taken to an air conditioned classroom and other activities are performed. 

Representative sports will only be called off in rare circumstances due to extreme heat. For cricket, each team will have more frequent drink breaks during play and access to shade and areas whilst they are not on the field. Oz Tag have the same procedures in place to ensure the safety of the girls is maintained. 

Lastly, each student must have their own drink bottle, hat and access to sunscreen on these days as it is also their responsibility to ensure that they look after themselves in regards to maintaining their fluid intake and also ensuring that they are protected from the heat by applying sunscreen and wearing a hat. 


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