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Champions March 2019

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Volleyball Update March 2019

On the 5th of February 2019 Hollypark’s 6th Class Volleyball Teams went to the National Sports Arena to compete with other schools. Every 6th class girl was on a team. All our teams got on exceptionally well. In fact  six teams got into the semi finals.

 Thank you to our captains as follows. Sarah Doran, Lucy Mc Goldrick, lea Carrigy, Sarah Nolan, Tess Cronin, Sophie Walsh, Ella Smyth and Emily Skurykhina. They had to organize and keep their team positive.

 Thank you to Mr Hughes, Stuart, Ms. Shannon and Ms. De Frein. It was a wonderful day, one that we will remember for a long time.

 - Ella Smyth and Lucy Mc Goldrick.

Hockey A Team

Hollypark A Team have been competing in the Hockey League for the last few months. Firstly we played St. Gerards School A Team and unfortunately we lost, but we did not mind as we knew we had so many good matches ahead of us. Then we played Mount Anville Private and Rathdown. Sadly we lost but there was so much effort put into these games. After that we had a winning streak against Mount Anville Primary and Alexandra College. We drew against St. Andrews.

 I would like to thank Stuart on behalf of the hockey team. He always told us to keep going no matter what. I would also like to thank all the parents for driving all the girls to the matches and the team for being so committed.

 - Millie Aherne ( Captain ) 

Hockey B Team

On the 26th of March the Hockey B Team will be playing in Three Rock Rovers H.Q. This will be our hockey final. All the 5th and 6th class girls will attend to cheer us on. Sadly there were some injuries along the way but thankfully all will be fit and ready to play against Mount Anville in the final.

We are also grateful to Evie Marnell and Thea Greene who stepped in to play when others were injured. Thank you to all the teachers who helped, especially Ms. Henry, who was our team coach. Out of all the matches we have played, we have only lost one, thanks to our amazing goalie Aine O’ Neill.

We are looking forward to the final and hope for the best, but even if we don’t come out on top, we know we have tried our hardest.

  - Emily Ruane & Sarah Doran

HP GNS Swim Team

*Following on their success at the Leinster Swimming Minor School Championships in October our Swim Team will be participating in the

Irish National Minor School Championships

on 10th February at the

National Aquatic Centre, Abbotstown.

 *Our young athletes will be representing the school in Abbotstown on Thursday 28th February.

 *Our hockey teams are continuing with their battle through the league.

*Our 6th Classes will be participating in the

Dublin Primary Schools Spikeball Championships

in the National Basketball Arena on 5th February.

*In-school GAA resumes on 1st February and our 1st and 2nd Class girls will have the opportunity to fine-tune their skills.


Swim Team Update