NEW Portable Goal Posts Procedures

This year, St Pats FC have invested a considerable amount of club funds into the purchase of a new set of portable full size goal posts for Forest Rd. The reasoning behind this decision is to try and preserve the field in front of the goal posts from excessive wear and tear during training as well as to make the set up and take down easier for all on game days. If you are “on duty” at Forest Rd and you are assigned to putting up the new posts, PLEASE take great care when assembling the sections, especially the joining of the two piece cross bar section.

Goal posts “bits and pieces”

1.      Each set of posts consists of 2ea x uprights (the shorter of the 100mm tubes) for each side and a two piece cross bar section (the longer of the 100mm tubes). The cross bar section is joined by a fitted sleeve arrangement which is secured by a set of stainless steel bolts which can be tightened by using an “allen” key.

2.      There are two inground tubes at each end of the field for the installation of the uprights.

3.      A total of 4ea weather caps for the in ground tubes.

4.     Claw hammer and tent pegs for securing the nets into the ground

5.      Full size nets (existing nets from last year) and Velcro ties

Set up

1.       Remove the goal post sections from the brackets inside the container and set out the uprights and the cross bar section on the ground outside the container.

2.       Match up the numbered cross bar sections (1 to 1 and 2 to 2)

3.       Remove the loose stainless steel bolts from one of the centre of the cross bar sections.

4.       Whilst they are on the ground, join the two piece cross bar section by sliding each piece into each other using the fitted sleeve.

5.       Twist the sections until the fixing holes line up together on the centre sleeve section.

6.       Hand screw in each of the 4 fixing bolts, TAKING GREAT CARE NOT TO CROSS THREAD the bolt into the bolt hole. Only use the allen key to do a final tightening of the screws.

7.       Remove the weather caps from the in ground tubes. If they are stuck use the claw part of the hammer around the rim lever up the caps.

8.       Fit the two uprights posts into the ends of the cross bar and stand up the whole lot into the inground tubes.

9.       Fit the net using a ladder and secure with the Velcro ties around the cross bar and uprights.

10.   Spread net out behind the posts and install tent pegs around base of the net.

11.   Return the weather caps, etc back to the container.

Take down

1     Just reverse the set up procedure. Carry the cross bars back to the container and dis-assemble, TAKE CARE IN UNSCREWING THE FIXING BOLTS.  

2.       Store the longer cross bars first onto the brackets in the container and then the shorter uprights on top of the cross bars.

3.       Place the nets in the large plastic half drums.

4.       Replace the weather caps onto the in ground tubes.

Your assistance in following the above procedure will ensure that St Pats FC will have many years of use from these goal posts.