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Religious Education Goals:

1) Offer a rich Catholic curriculum using "Images of God" series
2) Work as families to learn about our faith
3) Create and share many projects; videos, skits, posters, games, etc.
4) Pray and make stewardship projects for Valley Hi Nursing Home while learning the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
5) Learn how to use Bible, Catechism, and textbooks
6) To create an love of Liturgy through monthly youth Mass
7) Grow and deepen our communication as families with faith at the core


Class each week begins at 8:45 in the church.

Each week families are invited to join in the classes, parents may want to ask questions or share their faith in the common room until 9am and then join the classes, or continue their conversation at 9:30 in our Parent-Faith Discussion (see the calendar for further dates). 

Monthly, the parish and parents join together at 9AM to study Scripture in our Mystagogy prayer group

Each week Fr. Doyle or Mrs. Porch will be in the classrooms to discuss the topics being covered



 Kindergarten and First Grade:

Jacqueline Welch


Second Grade: 

Jennifer Riley and Casey Porch


Third and Fourth Grade:

Theresa Welch


Fifth and Sixth Grade:

Jeremiah Blankenbaker


7th grade: (Parents to attend classes)

Mark Langreck

8th grade: (Parents or Sponsors to attend classes)

Casey Dirkx

Youth ministry: Retreats AND Good Shepherds:

Casey Porch and Theresa Welch

RCIA Classes:

Fr. Doyle, Pam Nellessen, Dcn. Joe Kayser, Casey Porch

Advent and Lent Mission Classes:

Casey Porch

Adult Ed./Family Ministry:

Fr. Doyle, Casey Porch

Mystagogy Bible reflection Group: 

Casey Porch, Casey Dirkx


Interested in Volunteering?

Are you interested in becoming part of our Religious Education or Youth Ministry program? We have wonderful opportunities for all ages to volunteer! Please contact Casey Porch at stpatricksre@gmail.com if you are interested in working with our amazing community of volunteers and students!