The Stoy Lab recently moved to the University of Wisconsin – Madison and will find a new home on the World Wide Web soon. In the meantime, we have an open position for a graduate scholar:

Interested in joining an interdisciplinary team examining surface-atmosphere exchange and regional climate as a graduate scholar?


My laboratory at the University of Wisconsin – Madison seeks a motivated graduate scholar to study the impacts of land use and land cover change on greenhouse gas flux and regional climate. Specific research topics are open, but you will have a large amount of existing data to explore and flux instrumentation to make new measurements should you choose. Three years of stipend support and tuition waivers are currently available for a Ph.D student and additional resources will be guaranteed to complete your degree. I seek an enthusiastic student with diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Expertise in field research and data analysis is preferred but not necessary to apply.


If you are interested in applying, please send a single document with 1) a CV or resume, 2) contact information for two references, and 3) a one-page personal statement describing your scientific interests and career objectives to Dr. Paul Stoy at pcstoy@wisc.eduI encourage you to visit the websites of departments, programs, and faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Madison to learn more before applying. The start date is flexible between January 1 and September 1, 2019. Please do not hesitate to write with requests for additional information, and please visit www.wisc.edu/campus-life/ for more information about the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Madison, Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin – Madison is an equal opportunity employer.

Zheng Fu's new paper on the importance of maximum carbon uptake to its inter annual variability was recently published in Global Change Biology. Congrats, Zheng! 
Congrats to Zheng Fu on a nice new synthesis of tropical eddy covariance sites, published in AFM here.
Very excited that Angela Tang's first paper came out! Methane flux in a tropical peat forest. Followed shortly by a synthesis of tropical forest water flx. Congrats, Angela! 
A Nature Climate Change News and Views: Deforestation intensifies hot days.
New paper in Weather and Climate Extremes with John Long and Tobias Gerken on tornado seasonality here.
Diffuse PPFD can be modeled pretty easily, a new paper with Andrew Oliphant here.
New paper on snowmelt with MSU graduate students Peitsch, Wood, and Rottinghaus in AFM
Great press from Science on the wafer-x project available here.
Tobias's new paper on decadal trends in the hydrometeorology of the northern Great Plains is now published. Congrats, Tobias.