Welcome to the Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions Lab in the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences (LRES) at Montana State University

We study the role of vegetation in the climate system. To do so we measure and model the exchange of water, heat, and trace gases like carbon dioxide and methane between the terrestrial surface and the atmosphere. Recent efforts seek to understand feedbacks between land management and precipitation processes.

Opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars may be available. Please contact me at paul dot stoy at gmail dot com for more information.

Welcome to Bozeman
Congrats to Zheng Fu on a nice new synthesis of tropical eddy covariance sites, published in AFM here.
Very excited that Angela Tang's first paper came out! Methane flux in a tropical peat forest.
Bill Kleindl combining social and ecological systems to better-understand macrosystems.
A Nature Climate Change News and Views: Deforestation intensifies hot days.
New paper on the seasonality of isoprene in the tropical rainforest by Dandan Wei here.
New paper in Weather and Climate Extremes with John Long and Tobias Gerken on tornado seasonality here.
Diffuse PPFD can be modeled pretty easily, a new paper with Andrew Oliphant here.
New paper on snowmelt with MSU graduate students Peitsch, Wood, and Rottinghaus in AFM
Great press from Science on the wafer-x project available here.
Tobias's new paper on decadal trends in the hydrometeorology of the northern Great Plains is now published. Congrats, Tobias.
A new paper by Niu et al. on the interannual variability of the carbon cycle is now available in GEB.
Tobias Gerken's new paper on energy balance closure on tropical forests is now online.
Congrats to visiting scholar Zheng Fu on his new paper on land surface C fluxes in ERL.
Kim Novick's paper on the importance of vapor pressure deficit to surface conductance was published in Nature Climate Change.
New EPSCoR Track II award on biofuels and C sequestration in the Upper Missouri Basin has been funded by NSF.
Fuentes et al. (2016) on the GoAmazon project in BAMS is now online for your reading enjoyment.
Pleased to announce that work has started on a NSF CAREER award about bioclimatology in the N. Great Plains is proceeding, story here.