Sara Stoutland

Program, Policy, and Research Expertise in
Education, Families and Urban Communities. 


There are many paths youth may follow to become caring, contributing, creative adults. How can families and schools support youth in their journeys--and get beyond 'just go to a good college'?


Areas of Expertise, with Selected Past Projects:

College and Career Success
  • Coordinated pilot high school-to-college transition program for Mass Bay Community College to prepare students for college math.
  • Researched, using mixed methods, the college experiences of Boston Public School graduates (Boston Foundation).
  • Founded "Science Solstice" a day for middle students to explore science and technology careers by visiting a working science lab or facility. 
  • Taught first year college courses with large percentage of first generation students (University of Minnesota).
  • Evaluated Steps to Success, a college access and success program for public housing residents (Brookline, MA).
Family Engagement and Leadership
  • Parent leader with the Public Schools of Brookline to promote community between families and teachers. 
  • Developed a five session family engagement curriculum for staff and parent leaders in schools with diverse student populations.
  • Published ethnographic study on how women living in subsidized community-based housing balanced raising children and paid work with advocating for better conditions in their neighborhood. 
Youth Safety and Violence
  • Qualitative research project on youth and  parents trust in police in Boston’s low-income neighborhoods. (Harvard Law).
  • Writer for School Safety and Security report for Governor's task force    Synthesized task force discussion and relevant literature to develop a framework and guide for school leaders, staff and parents. 
  • Developed conceptual but practical frameworks for community development in urban neighborhood. (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard). 
Closing Academic Achievement Gaps
  • Leader in efforts to improve the educational experiences for all students in the public school of Brookline, MA.
  • Implemented a professional development initiative,the Tripod Project in high schools aimed at raising academic achievement, with a focus on students of color (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University).


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