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These are web pages created by other teachers using StoryTown.
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Many of the files on this site were created by teachers in the Second Grade Teachers' Club, originally hosted at MSN groups. It has moved here and has many more resources beyond Storytown.

Another great website with files from the Second Grade Teachers' Club. Dr. Sharon Elder has compiled many files and resources including vocab flashcards, spelling lists, games, and more.

This website has several different types of files for different stories. Among other things, it has word wall cards for the High Frequency Words and Robust Vocabulary.

Discovery Streaming (formerly United Streaming) has an animated version of Click Clack Moo, just do a search for it, once you've logged into Discovery Streaming. If you don't already have an account, ask at your school for the access code so you can create one.

Here is a wiki page dedicated to Storytown links. 

Use these links to discover Web pages related to elementary Reading and Language Arts education. Topics covered include professional development, professional organizations, technology resources, lesson plans, and activity ideas for students.

Agatha Lee's page: she created and chose pictures for each Robust Vocab word.

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