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Tapestry: 2 Storytellers from 2 Cultures, Arab and Jewish, Weaving together Stories, Poetry, and Song as a Step Toward Peace.
Available Presentations/Versions: Adult, elementary school, middle school or high school.

Presented in tandem by BJ Abraham and Audrey Galex
The Night Before Christmas. 

BJ's original version, plus other Christmas/holiday stories to add to your holiday cheer  for children and adults.

Bear Stories: History of the First Teddy Bear

Interesting facts about teddy bears, how they are made and where; plus other bear stories, including "Polar, The Titanic Bear" and "The Bear Who Heard Crying." 

The Night the Unsinkable Became the Unthinkable

(BJ's original version of the Titanic's sinkingfrom the ship's perspective)

 Famous American Women:
 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, political partner of Susan B. AnthonyElizabeth Blackwell, first female doctor 

Let's Tell Together

BJ has children come up and become characters in some of her stories. Kids, especially those who participate, say these are their favorite stories.

Witchenstein's Visits
Witchenstein is a friendly witch with a fun personality
that won't stop! Kids help her change into a storyteller to spin a few yarns.

Scawy Stowies
Halloween stories for the younger set.

Spine Tinglers
Stories that make you shiver . . . but just a little bit!

Stories from the Front Porch

Tales that tickle the funny bone and warm the heart while enabling grownups/older children to connect with their own stories of growing up. 

East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon

Best-loved folk tales from around the world. Programs for both children and grownups.